Monday Madness – 06/22/2015

Design Wall Back for Scrapitude 6/15/2015

Design Wall
Back for Scrapitude

The design wall is still the same as it was last week.  I have an idea of how I’m going to put the back of Scrapitude together and it’s just a matter of cutting, piecing, looking at the design, cutting, piecing, and looking at it again.  This will probably take a few weeks but there’s no rush since I’ve got one quilt in line for quilting and this doesn’t have to be done until I’m done with that. 🙂  But it’s on my wall for me to review and change as I see fit.  The label is already done so it really is just cutting and piecing.

I spent most of the past week putting together the rows for Hampton Ridge.  I’ve got all the rows and sashing done and now all I need to do is put them together for the inner top.  I plan to finish the inner top this week.

If I continue with the So Cal Quilt Run through next weekend I won’t be able to quilt Tell It To The Stars until mid July since the 4th is the weekend after.  Once I’m finished putting the inner top of Hampton Ridge together, I plan to get back to Moon Glow.  I need to figure out what I have to do for the borders and then I can get organized and do it.

Check out more finished BOMs at  and design walls at and Cooking Up Quilts

Have a great week!


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  1. I’m just impressed that you finished Tell It To the Stars! I wanted to, but it just never got off the ground. Lucky you to have done it all.

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