Living Simply Edition #3

Previously called “Clearing my life of things” … and then “Decluttering”.. I’ve switched my Thursday post to “Living Simply”.  I like it.  We’ll see if I keep it. 🙂

Over the weekend, the hubby brought in a few more boxes for me to go through.

More boxes!

More boxes! 

And was I in for a treat!  It was a mix of stuff.  All of the items were packed in the spring of 2013 and kept in storage for a year.  When we moved back to LA in 2014, I guess these got relegated to some spot in the garage and forgotten about.  I never meant for it to be stored for so long so it was like reuniting with long lost friends.  I got rid of everything I didn’t like which amounted to half of the items.  The ones that I still liked – I set them aside to try on.  I remember putting them in this box before we went up north because I felt like I wouldn’t use them up north or really need them while there.  So if they still fit and look nice I’ll want to keep some of them.  The trash bag in the back contained DDs stuff.  We were able to get rid of a lot of her stuff as well.

It was easy to get rid of the ugly stuff and the stuff I knew I would never wear again.  But there were a bunch of things that brought back memories and I couldn’t throw them out.  I didn’t.  There are now two big trash bags filled with clothes in my bedroom.  I saved them to try on later.  That’s what I’ll be doing this weekend.  I can’t keep them all – I don’t have the space.  So I’m prepping myself to be strong and let some things go.  Really a lot of it go.  I don’t know how it’s going to go.  I may get rid of half and stuff the other half in my drawers and my closet.  And then I’ll have to go through my closet and drawers again and whittle those items down again.  It’s like I’m constantly bargaining with myself which items are worth keeping.  I’m taking stock as to the value of each item.  Right now, the questions I ask each item – do you fit, do I like you, will I wear you again?  If after I get through this I still have way too much I will have to ask myself other questions.  I’m not yet sure what those questions would be but I’m guessing at that point it would be something about whether the item adds value.  I’ll keep you posted.

I only went through the big public storage box on the right and the bag of stuff behind that.  Those two things contained a lot of clothes.  The stuff marked Hawaiian Clothes were really old clothes from pre-baby days and the oldest baby is now 14!  Sometimes I bring them out to reminisce how little I was. ;0  I believe there are actually Hawaiian Clothes from when I used to dance hula as a teenager too.  I went through the shoeboxes and got rid of a couple of shoes.  I could probably get rid of more.  And the box the shoes are on top of do not contain my stuff.  They actually belong to a cousin of ours who visited from Italy and left it here.  (Beth, if you are reading this, I’m talking to you!)  I think my MIL will be meeting up with her in the Philippines come December so I’m sure they will make arrangements for these somehow.  So this weekend I’ll be going through the Hawaiian clothes box and the two bags in my bedroom. That’s the plan for now.




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  1. I like the new name! How exciting to be able to both be reunited with old favorite clothing, and also get rid of some things you don’t like any more.

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