Stash Report – Week 39, 2015

Lobster Festival 9/26/2015

Lobster Festival

We had a lot of fun at Lobster Fest yesterday!  The lobsters were delicious!  We were there pretty early.  The event started at noon and we were there at about 12:15 so the lines were relatively short.  There was a nice breeze and we found a table in the shade.  We met up with some friends and if you ever have a chance to get to the Lobster Festival in Redondo Beach, CA – take it!


Lobster Fest 9/26/2015

Lobster Fest

I was confused at how they sold the food though.  First you had to figure out whether you wanted a lobster combo or not.  If so, you could order the combo and that will print out 1 ticket.  Then you figure out how many drinks and how many extras you wanted.  For example, in addition to the lobster combos we got a Lobster roll, a lobster taco, and lobster chowders.  We had to figure out how many tickets that added up to.  Each ticket was $4.  So the Lobster roll was 3 tickets, the chowder was 1 ticket, etc.  Once you paid for and received the tickets, you would go to the food lines.  There was one line for the combos, one line for the drinks, and another line for the bistro food (roll, taco, chowder, etc.).  At the food lines, you would give them the tickets.  It took me a good bit to figure it out but everyone was very helpful in explaining things to me.

On to the stash report!

LOOT!!! 9/20/2015


Last Sunday I received loot at the New Member Tea from my guild – San Fernando Valley Quilt Association (SFVQA).  With all the fat quarters, and fat 8th’s I have about +2 yards to add to my stash.

Here’s the numbers this week:

Used this week: 0 yards

Used year to Date: -47 yards
Added this week: 2 yards
Added Year to Date: 89.08 yards
Net Added for 2015: 41.58 yards

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Slow Sunday Stitching
Today we’ll be at a baptism but before we head out, I’ll be getting the dog on for Raining Cats and Dogs for Slow Stitching Sunday.
Raining Cats and Dogs block 7 - the tail is on 9/20/2015

Raining Cats and Dogs
block 7 – the tail is on

~Have a quilty week!


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