Monday Madness – 09/28/2015



Raining Cats and Dogs Block 7 – next step: Dog collar 9/28/2015


Raining Cats and Dogs! – I was able to get the dog on to Block 7 of Raining Cats and Dogs… Next Step: dog collar.  This one is really hard because of how tiny the piece is.

Celtic Solstice – I finished piecing the right sides and now I’m working on piecing the left sides at the sewing station.  At the cutting station, I’ve got to cut blue triangles.  At the pressing station I’ve got to press the finished right sides as well as blue fabric to cut blue triangles from.

I’m looking forward to a great week!

Check out more finished BOMs at  and design walls at and Cooking Up Quilts

Have a great week!


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  1. Just adorable. 😀 I love seeing the different techniques that can be used for applique work. My favorite is back-basting, but there are times when different approaches work much better/easier. Can’t wait to see your pup all finished.

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