Living Simply Edition #9


I realize that while I’ve gone through my clothes and donated a lot of them away, I have trouble finding things to wear every day.  It seems that a lot of them do not bring me joy.  I can’t donate them all away as I don’t have the resources to go buy a bunch of new stuff.  But I will be on the lookout for things I love and try to slowly bring those into my drawers and my closet.  As I find these things I would, of course, donate the older items away.

I’ve asked the hubby to bring in more boxes from the garage.  I would like to go through everything in the garage and really only keep the things I want.  There are things I can go through inside my house – like the books and bar area and the restroom, etc.  And I’m sure I’ll get to those places too.  But the stuff there are already in a place.  The stuff in the garage is tucked away and I do not really know what’s there.  Most of the stuff can probably be thrown out.

Now that I’ve started donating and throwing things away, friends are giving me helpful suggestions on what I can do with the stuff rather than donate and throw things away.  They’ve suggested that I do a garage sale.  Or in today’s modern world, open an instagram account called #melaniescloset and sell online.  Or give them to a friend who will send them to the Philippines for their loved ones to use, barter or sell.  I love my friends.  But these are things I’ve told myself to do and never got around to doing any of them.  It’s one of the reasons why I’ve dragged this stuff from house to house to house.  And I’ve finally decided to stop telling myself that I will do these things and just get rid of the stuff.

Happy Thursday friends!  The weekend is almost here!



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  1. I agree with you about the donating. It may not be the perfect way, but its a way, and you will do it. Hopefully, the items will find their way to new uses through the organization to which you’re donating. The space and peace is worth the loss of revenue.

  2. hope you will find the best way that will make you feel good about this entire thing. After decluttering my house and donating my items, I had a similar feeling. I told myself I can get new clothes that will give me joy from the thrifty store and during the holiday sales (the ones right after the christmas). If I am not wrong, you are able to sew? I wish I was like you so that I could make new clothes from what I have but would like to get rid of. all the best

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