TGIF, 10/16/2015



I basically used the same pictures from last Friday because I’m pretty much at the same point.  Just a little more of the completed pieces but still not done.  Closer, though, and I took a peek at Step 6.  I’m not sure I’ll jump on it right away as I’m pretty tired of Celtic Solstice.
celtic solstice step 5 - a ton of these 10/8/2015

celtic solstice
step 5 –
need to make a ton of these

I would like to spend some time hand appliqueing Raining Cats and Dogs, maybe get the back done for Moon Glow, and maybe even get the borders on for Hampton Ridge.  We’ll see.  I’ve got a sew in on Saturday for the Valley MQG at my LQS so a lot of sewing time planned for Saturday!

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  1. For tomorrow, I would take all those almost finished projects and give myself a break, if I were doing this. I can’t imagine how tired you are of this piece. It’s one reason I never do Bonnie’s mysteries. Even as leader-enders, it gets tiresome.

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