WIP Wednesday – 11/4/2015

Happy Wednesday!

I’m working on getting the borders on Hampton Ridge and here’s where I’m at currently:

Hampton Ridge Border #1 11/3/2015

Hampton Ridge
Border #1

Border #1 is on!  If you caught my post on Monday I asked if you combined strips straight across or diagonally.  It’s amazing how different techniques accomplish the same thing.  I chose to combine my strips diagonally as that is what I’ve always done and didn’t see any reason to change now.  Once my strips were combined into 1 long strip, I pinned it to the first side.

Hampton Ridge Border #1 Pinning the borders! 11/3/2015

Hampton Ridge
Border #1
Pinning the borders!

Pinning is very important.  It helps keep everything straight.  It helps keep everything feeding into the machine at the same consistency.  I didn’t always do this.  Learning new techniques is a constant thing for me and I’m always on the look out for ways to do something better or more efficient.  🙂

cut my finger while trimming dog ears.  :( 11/3/2015

cut my finger while trimming dog ears.

And in the process of pinning I was also trimming dog ears.  I caught my finger at the same time!  🙁  My learning lesson to go slowly even when I want to snip snip snip quickly!

Pressing is so important! 11/3/2015

Pressing is so important!

I press before I trim, before I pin and after I piece the border on!

Now on to Border #2!

For those checking in from Freshly Pieced… Thanks for stopping by!

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~Here’s to a great week!


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  1. Great border color! Congratulations – you are almost to the finish line on this top! It’s absolutely gorgeous, and worth all the work. I trim all the dog ears as I go. I know catching your finger hurt!

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