TGIF, 11/6/2015

Here’s an update on my progress on getting the borders on for Hampton Ridge.  I’m working on Border #2!

IMG_8596Step #1 – Cut the fabric.  Like I did with border #1, I cut the border parallel to the selvage to minimize waviness.  The first two I cut I wasn’t paying attention to the print and it wasn’t until the third strip that I wanted the border to be above.  I had enough fabric to do a total of three strips with that exact cut.  I need four strips.  So, I’ve got a trip to the LQS to do.  I do not know if I’ll have time to do three of the four sides before the week is done so I’ll plan to have the fabric in time for my next round with Hampton Ridge.


Step #2 – Press the center of the top of the first side I will piece the first border on.  Normally I do a finger press.  But I was having a hard time matching the center of the border with the center of the top that I ended up pressing it with an iron.


Step #3 – Press the center of the border.  For the top, notice I pressed the like sides together and for the border I pressed the wrong sides together.  This way when I match them up, they will be like sides together and the press is in the same direction.  If I forget to do this, it’s okay but I find it’s easier to match up when it is like this.


Step #4 – Pin the centers together and pin the whole border.


Step #5 – sew!


Step #6 – Press it out.  For mitered borders, you want there to be excess fabric hanging off both ends of the top.  Those will be matched up with the other borders once you’ve got all 4 sides done.

Step #7 – repeat for all 4 side.  Once all 4 sides are done, it’s time to miter!

I haven’t had much time to do anything else this week. I am happy with the bit I was able to get done.  This weekend I plan to applique more of the stem on Raining Cats and Dogs, get the 2 other sides of border #2 on Hampton Ridge, finish my practice quilting on Bailey and load Tell It To The Stars onto the frame.

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