Stash Report – Week 45, 2015

First, the stash report!  Nothing In and Nothing Out

Used this week: 0 yards

Used year to Date: -47 yards
Added this week: 0 yards
Added Year to Date: 94.08 yards
Net Added for 2015: 46.58 yards

I was out and about yesterday and didn’t spend much time in the sewing room.  I was able to take out my scraps (they are overflowing) and start cutting out the pieces I need for Scrapitude 2016 called “Scrappy Stars around the Corner”.  First clue come out in January but Charlotte released the cutting instructions some time ago.  Since I was between projects and my scraps need to be used, I started cutting the “medium to dark” fabrics.  They’re easiest to pull out from the scrap bins.  I’m about halfway through.  Hopefully I’ll get all the needed pieces cut before the first clue.  It all comes together so much easier when everything is cut beforehand.

I’m still uncertain as to whether or not to do Bonnie Hunter’s Mystery QAL this year.  I do not want to buy fabric so I will need to use my stash.  I’m going to start with my scrap bins first and then move over to yardage if I need to.  I like the color selection so I’ll play along for now.  The best thing about the QAL is the community that comes together for it.  I love being able to see everyone’s progress and sharing my own.  I still need to create a project page for this.

This past week, I’ve been working on the borders for Hampton Ridge.  The previous posts this week goes into the hurdles and challenges of border #2 but here’s the last picture of it before I packed it away.  It’s not a great one but it’s what I’ve got!  There is a third and a fourth border left and I may start working on the fourth border’s HSTs (350 of them) as leaders/enders of the other projects I’ll be working on in the next 4 weeks.

Hampton Ridge 3 sides of Border #2 on 11/6/15

Hampton Ridge
3 sides of Border #2 on

Woohoo!  Now I’m ready to put this aside for a month while I work on something else this week.

But first – an update on Raining Cats and Dogs.

I haven’t done anything since last week.  I only work on this project over the weekend and I was out yesterday.  I plan to get more of the stem appliqued down today.


Today here’s my plan of action:

  • Get Bonnie’s upcoming mystery QAL’s project page up
  • work a bit on Raining Cats and Dogs
  • Finish the practice quilt on Bailey and get Tell It To The Stars on it.

I’ve already packed up Hampton Ridge and the next project is Celtic Solstice.  Remember Celtic Solstice?  I was getting so bored with it last month?  I’m still not excited to work on it but I’m heading into the home stretch and I’m making more of these blocks:

Celtic Solstice Step 6 Block A 6 done 10/17/2015

Celtic Solstice
Step 6
Block A
6 done


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~Have a quilty week!


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  1. Yeah, I get there too with projects . . . a little tired of working on them. But persevering! Keep up your great work — everything is looking beautiful! Can’t wait to see more of the ‘raining cats and dogs’!! 🙂

  2. I like it, nothing in- nothing out! sometimes we all have weeks like that! Your Hampton Ridge is really looking wonderful, and it looks like you are almost at the finishing line!

  3. Hampton Ridge looks fabulous just like that. I don’t know what the other two borders are supposed to add, but it looks finished right there, if you wanted to stop. I thought you weren’t going to do the new mystery? I might do the scrapitude one, but I’m not cutting a million things out first. I’ll just cut as I go, once I see a little about what the first step is. Or maybe I’ll go back and do last year’s!

    • so Border #3 for Hampton Ridge is the same as border #1 – the golden border. Then border #4 is 350 HSTs all around. I’m seriously thinking of leaving it at Border #2… But I’m not sure. I wasn’t going to do a new mystery! I know! But my scrap bins are getting full and I realized that the mysteries have been great at using scraps and keeping my bins down. I liked Charlotte’s last two mysteries so if I was to do one I would do hers. I’m still up in the air about Bonnie’s. I wasn’t fond of Grand Illusion. I like doing Bonnie’s because of the great community spirit around her quilt-a-longs. But I don’t want to devote a lot of fabric and time if I don’t end up liking it. If I need to, I can always just start a scrappy project outside of the mystery quilts. 🙂

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