WIP Wednesday – 11/11/2015

Happy Wednesday!

I’m continuing my work on the block for Celtic Solstice:

Celtic Solstice Step 6 Block A 6 done 10/17/2015

Celtic Solstice
Step 6
Block A

If you know Bonnie Hunter, you know there are a lot of these that I have to make.  I’m working on piecing the first two squares of the third row.  The plan is to get these done today and move back to the first row to piece that third square on to the first two squares.  It’s very slow progress since I haven’t spent a ton of time in front of the sewing machine.  But progress is progress and every little piece put together is one more piece towards completion! 🙂

For those checking in from Freshly Pieced… Thanks for stopping by!

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~Here’s to a great week!


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  1. I do know Bonnie! Literally. We’ve known each other since the early 90s. She lived in Idaho when I first knew her. She has grown a lot over the years, and now she’s doing so many interesting things. Your blocks look good, as I might have mentioned before. There will be an end someday. LOL

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