Gratitude Diaries: Days 37

I am grateful for…

… getting all of our holiday groceries done today.  The store was crazy and I circled the parking lot a couple of times but I was able to get in and get everything we need.  Now all we need to do is cook everything on Thursday. 🙂

… getting a lot of creative time in today and clear my email inbox.  I needed the creative time today but I also needed to go through those emails. 🙂

… a Clipper win.  They needed to break their losing streak.  Next step is to win the next few home games.  I’m so thankful that the hubby was able to sell our tickets for some of these games because they fell on dates we wouldn’t be able to go.  We’ll be using that money for a quick Vegas trip with the family and some of our friends in a few weeks.


Have a good evening!


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  1. I heard on NPR today that 75% of people’s proficiency at their jobs comes from having a grateful attitude. They even mentioned three things per day! I thought of you. =)

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