Gratitude Diaries: Day 51

I’m grateful for…

… last night, we watched Idina Menzel’s new musical If/Then.  Even though it started at 8, we left the house at 5 so that we would have plenty of time to deal with traffic, have dinner in Hollywood and get to Pantages with plenty of time to enjoy and not rush.  It was perfect planning and I’m grateful everything fell into place.  The boy wasn’t feeling well but felt much better as it got closer to 5 and was well enough to come with us.

… being able to sleep in a little.  The girl had cheer practice at 6 so I got up in time to wake her up and get her to practice.  But afterwards, I went back to sleep and didn’t make it into the office until 9:30.  By then, everyone was in a roll working on the things they needed to work on.  I was able to answer everyone’s questions and help where needed.

… having a house ready for my mom’s visit.  After I post this post, I’ll be heading out to the airport to pick up my mother.  The house is ready, the girl’s room is ready and now we just need my mother. ;0

Have a great evening!


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