Recap of 2015 Goals and 2016 Goals

Here’s a link to my original 2015 Goals.

#1 – counting fabric – I was really good at counting fabric in and out.  I’m really happy that even though I’m still adding more than using, the net from year to year has reduced significantly.  In 2013, it was 158 yard.  In 2014, it was 107 yards and in 2015, it was 51.

#2 – work on one project at a time – I ended up getting really bored concentrating on one project at a time.  So I set up a project rotation to work on a different project every week.  I was able to get 3 projects to the to be quilted stage.  And if I hadn’t had to move in the middle of the year, I probably would have been able to get them all quilted.  But, it is what it is and now I’m planning on being in the black the first part of the year while I get them all quilted. 🙂

#3 – View and complete Craftsy Classes – I ended up forgoing this goal as I concentrated on working on projects and getting other things done.  I will continue to watch craftsy classes but I decided its not as important to me to complete them.  I found that I don’t really complete all the projects.  I learn from the classes by watching them and gaining tips and tricks without necessarily doing the projects.  That doesn’t mean I will not do the projects, only that I use the classes as a resource and something to watch while I’m working on a project.

#4 – Books – do projects in books – When I created this goal I was feeling upset about all the books I buy and not doing the projects in them.  I felt that I really should do the projects since I bought the books.  Now, this isn’t as important to me anymore.  I recognize now that the books are something that helps inspire me to do something creative.  It may not necessarily be the project that is in the book.  I especially love the books when I don’t have time or the space (like when I was moving and packing).  It allows me to be in a creative place when I can’t be creative.  So, I’m letting this goal go.  I want to spend time working on things that matter to me, that I enjoy doing.  One day, that might mean working on a project from a book.  But that doesn’t mean I have to make it a goal.  I’m okay with enjoying the pictures and knowing that if I ever want to work on a project, I can pull it out and do so.

And here are my goals for 2016:

1.Get 6 quilts done in 2016.  Here is the Quilt Project List

quilt queue

  • Tell It To The Stars (should be finished Dec 2015)
  • Scrapitude 2015
  • Moon Glow – still needs a back pieced

Project Rotation:

  1. Hampton Ridge – finish borders
  2. Celtic Solstice – step 6
  3. Razzle
  4. Missing Ivy
  5. Scrapitude 2016

Projects On Standby to fill open slots in the rotation:

  1. 2012 LQS BOM
  2. Allietare
  3. Dancing with the Stars
  4. … I’ve got 2 bins of Kits that have not been started yet….

Hand projects:

  1. Raining Cats and Dogs
  2. A Rainbow Garden
  3. Hawaiian quilt
  4. Hexi quilt

2. In 2015 my first goal was “counting fabric in and out of my stash”.  I have been pretty consistent in posting my Sunday Stash.  I felt redundant listing this each month because I kept doing it.  So I debated whether to keep this goal for 2016.  I decided to keep it but refine it a little so that rather than just tracking it (which I will continue to do), do a little more. I’m still not ready to commit to staying on the positive side (using more than I buy).  Here’s what I want to look out for:

  • First, obviously, shop my stash and do not buy just cuz I feel like I need to buy.  I actually want to change my rulers to the creative grid rulers so, if I feel like I need to buy something quilt related, I will look to buying a ruler first.
  • Second, if I NEED to buy fabric, buy darks or neutrals.  I have a TON of medium fabric, some neutrals and hardly any darks.
  • One day, I’ll buy fabric for projects in mind rather than because I have a physical NEED to buy fabric and I lack the capacity at that moment to deny myself this need.  I say one day because right now, my mind is consumed with current projects.  I do not have enough room to even think about projects for the future.  I want to get my current WIPs and UFOs completed (and I’m slowly getting there).  I also want to go through my Kit bins (there are 2).
  • In reality, one day, I’d like to only have current projects.  I don’t want to have UFOs or kits waiting to be worked on.  This might be every quilter’s dream and may not be doable.  But I’m going to try.  I want to live simply and finishing old projects and completing kits, will help me on that mission.

3. Create a hobby budget and stick to it.  I don’t have a hobby budget currently and I don’t have an actual count as to how much I spend from year to year.  I believe I spend around $5,000/year.  I started tracking in 2015 just for my own personal reference but I wasn’t very good at listing everything.  I was very good at listing fabric and LQS purchases since I already documented the yardage in my stash report.  But I would forget to add non-fabric purchases from Joann’s or Craftsy classes or purchases made at the sewing machine shop.  I also didn’t add non-quilty purchases.  I should add my quilt run expenses and quilt show expenses too.  Oh, dear, maybe I shouldn’t track these expenses. It’s starting to add up real fast.  I kind of want to stay blissfully ignorant about it.  ;0  Even though it may sound overkill, I’m thinking of having different sub categories like general quilt stuff, other hobbies, Quilt Shows, etc.  I know for 2016, I will not be participating in the SoCal quilt run because we will be in Florida during that time so I don’t have to think about those expenses. 🙂  That makes me feel better about all the money I plan on spending at Road and at QuiltCon. ;0  I will also not attend PIQF in 2016.  2 big shows in 1 year is fine.  I just wish they weren’t so close together. Road is in January and QuiltCon is in February.

4. Knitting project -I don’t have a goal in mind for this.  I just want to knit as I feel like it and having this on my goal list will remind me to work on it.  I also forgot to track any of the projects I completed this year on my knit-o-meter so it looks like I’ve done nothing all year.  I’m pretty sure I finished at least 2 things earlier this year.  For 2016, I want to knit weekly.  It’s easy during basketball season because I can knit in front of the TV.  I can also knit during the son’s baseball games (if he chooses to join up again in the spring).  I hope he does as he looked like he was enjoying himself. Once those things are done, I really don’t have other chances.  I guess I’ll keep an eye out for other opportunities to knit.

5. Cross stitch project – like knitting, I don’t have a goal in mind for this.  I have been enjoying cross stitching the last few weeks and I have a bunch of old projects.  I have a huge project of horses that my grandmother bought me before she died because she said having horses in your house is good luck.  Then I have another huge project of a farm scene that my mother bought me because it reminded her of the countryside she grew up in in the Philippines.  The horse project was bought in 1998, the last time I saw my grandmother before she passed.  The farm project was bought in 1999 when the family went to the Philippines for my grandmother’s funeral.  I want to get these projects done one day and the only way to get them done is to start them.  So, first finish the welcome project and then I’ll work on the farm project.  I plan to work on these a little bit each week.

6. Scrapbooking – There was a time (2006) when I was all caught up with scrapbooking my pictures.  Now, I’m lucky to print pictures.  I’ve got boxes of paper and stickers and supplies and tools in the garage.  I haven’t brought them in because I don’t know where to put it.  And that’s where I get stuck.  I think there are a bunch of items (mostly stickers) that will need to get thrown away.  Everything else will probably be fine.  I could probably configure my closet better to include a lot of these.  So, the first step is to clean up my closet, bring the scrapbooking bins inside and start going through them.  The other reason I get stuck is that I don’t know where to start.  I don’t want to use any of the albums and pages I currently have because I will need them for the projects that are outstanding from when I stopped.  I need them to finish up the projects.  So I’m going to start with 2016 and work my way backwards.  I think my goal will be to take an hour or two every week to do one page.  I just need to get in a groove again and it will be easier each time I do it.

Here’s to a great year!




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  1. Wonderfully thought out goals. I am going to follow your blog. Can not wait to see pictures.
    Happy sewing hugs. Kathleen Mary ( )

  2. I like the way you organized your projects, and I may borrow that idea. The plan to have something in waiting is a great idea. I was sort of nebulously thinking around that, but hadn’t gotten around to listing it out like you did. I bought a .pdf planner pack today to try to help with a lot of planning of things … like budget. Somehow the four column thing isn’t helping enough. LOL

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