The 2015 Final Countdown Task Two

I’m a little late with this post but I didn’t have time over the last couple of days to go through the second task from Prairie Moon Quilts.  It is to:

Organize ALL our UFOs

First, I normally distinguish a UFO as a project that is laying around unfinished and it is not part of my regular project rotation (which means I’m not actively working on it).  If I’m working on it (even just a little) I normally consider this a WIP.  I generally have anywhere from 4-6 WIPs going on at the same time at various stages.  In this post, since it’s more of a catalogue as to what I’ve got that is not finished, I’m lumping all unfinished projects into the UFO status regardless of whether I’m working on it regularly or not.  When I first started my blog I created a list of all my UFOs. There were 19 projects.  I can’t remember now if I included WIPs or not.  I don’t think I did so that number is low in this case since for this post I’m including WIPs.  Anyway, over the course of my blog life, I’ve completed a handful and frogged a handful and on that list I now have 13 UFOs (including WIPs).  I’m kind of doing an audit here.  I’m pulling out all my projects from their hiding places and I’m going to start my list afresh:

To be quilted:

  1. Tell It To The Stars
  2. Scrapitude 2015 “Scrap in a Box”
  3. Moon Glow

Part of my project rotation (WIPs)

  1. Hampton Ridge
  2. Raining Cats and Dogs
  3. Missing Ivy
  4. 2013 Bonnie Hunter Mystery Quilt “Celtic Solstice”
  5. Razzle – the corduroy quilt from PIQF –
  6. 2015 Bonnie Hunter Mystery Quilt “Allietare”
  7. Scrapitude 2016 “Scrappy Stars Around the Corner”

True UFOs

  1. 2012 LQS BOM (Asian and Provence)
  2. Red & White Sampler
  3. Dancing with the Stars from PIQF
  4. Hawaiian Quilt from PIQF
  5. A Rainbow Garden

In doing this audit, I found a project bag that I had entitled on this blog as “untitled”.  hah!  Well, I frogged it last September on the blog but the project bag was still in tact.  I am dismantling it now and putting all the fabric back in the various bins they now belong to.

In this process, I frogged an old project that I called “Grandmother’s Flower Garden“.  You guessed it, it was a Hexie quilt that I was doing by hand.

I vacillate between two different methods of tackling my various projects.  Last year, I started focusing on one project at a time and I moved my projects forward.  However, there were spaces where I got bored and then ended up not quilting at all because I didn’t want to work on the particular project I was supposed to work on.  Towards the end of the year I started rotating projects like I did in 2014.  It helped me get through the slump of not quilting but now I’m back to having multiple projects happening at the same time.  Especially since we started Bonnie’s mystery project in November and I’m going to start Scrapitude in a few weeks.  This year my goal is to get 6 quilts done and the plan was to continue going through my project rotation.  It’s early in the year (lol) and I’m already changing my mind.  I’ve had ample time over the last couple of weeks to get in my sewing room and work on something but I haven’t.  I have a lot of excuses but if I am honest, it’s because I’m not in the mood to work on whatever I’ve got lined up in my project rotation.  So, I think to get me out of my current slump, I need to go back to focusing on one thing.

And I think that that one thing will be to finish quilting Tell It To The Stars!  It’s the biggest one that I see everyday (it’s on the quilt frame in my living room!) and it bothers me every time I look at it still sitting there waiting for me to finish it. ;0






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