Weekend Lineup

I started going through the bags and boxes of scrapbooking stuff… Here’s a pic to remind you of what my sewing room looked like:

sewing room 1/1/2016

sewing room

And I was easily overwhelmed.  I decided to work on quilting Tell It To The Stars and was able to get all the dark blue parts quilted.  This morning I’m working on the orange parts.

But I started going through those bags last night and realized that the reason my scrapbooking stuff is organized in this way was because I used to be a Creative Memories consultant and I would drag all my stuff and inventory all around the state with me.  I would have weekend scrapbooking events at my mom’s house, at my house and wherever people let me in.  So everything had to be packed up and ready to go at all times.  When I stopped doing that, I never reorganized my stuff so that it was in a user-friendly environment.  It was always just easier to keep it in the bags and just drag them with me from house to house.  I’m seriously overwhelmed with all my stuff.

There are three main sections of my scrapbooking stuff:

#1 – the memories – these consist of all my pictures, the kids drawings, the knickknacks I’ve kept with the sole purpose of adding them to our scrapbooks.

#2 – the tools – these are the cutters, the rulers, the pens, etc.  These are all in one of those bags.

#3 – the supplies – these are the pages and stickers and papers and I’ve got a ton of these that are still in their original packages.

I don’t know how I’m going to store all this stuff.  I know I want to get back into scrapbooking this year so I need to figure out a way that is organized and user friendly.

Also, if you are interested in seeing what I’ve got, let me know and I’ll start posting them.  Last night I threw away a few of those bags as I emptied them out and I cringed.  I know there is someone out there who might want them.  The bags will be too expensive to ship but if you’re local to the Los Angeles area, it’s yours.  All the other stuff can be shipped out easily.

Have a great crafty Saturday!


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  1. Sadly, I’m not in the area, but I’m still interested in seeing your stuff. LOL Aren’t we always? I loved going to Creative Memories parties. I still have a scrapbooking rolly that I got on a fabulous sale. Sadly, most of my tools are in storage in Phoenix, so I don’t make cards and have never finished my older son’s scrapbook. I should buckle down and get that done, even though I don’t have all the things I had to finish my younger son’s. I loved paying $10 to go to a Friday night workshop until midnight and working with all their things. I spent another $20-30 every time, of course!

  2. Oh, some ideas for you on organizing here and here. I bought a Craftsman big tool thing for my husband for Christmas one year so he could have the bottom cabinets he needed, and I could have the top drawers to store my stamps and tools. LOL

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