Cross Stitch, My weekly update

It’s been a couple of weeks since my last post.  That is life. And in reviewing the last time I posted I realized that my picture didn’t come out.  Not sure how I missed that but hopefully it works this time.

Here’s what it looked like last time the picture came through:



Here’s what it looks like now..

Cross Stitch Welcome Project 2/16/2016

Cross Stitch
Welcome Project

I started working on the details and embroidering the defining lines of the flowers and such. I’m hoping that by doing a bit here and there while I’m still doing the cross stitching will get some of it done when I’m finished with the cross stitching.  It helps break up the monotony for me. 🙂

Now that the bottom right corner is complete, my next mini-goal is to work on the “E”.   I’ve slowed down significantly over the past few weeks as my crafty time is a lot less than before.  I have to be real mindful about making sure I have some crafty time and to utilize it as much as possible.  Now that the sewing room is much more organized I spend less time climbing over things and avoiding the sewing room.


My Goal for 2016 for cross stitching is to get the “welcome” project done and get started on the farm scene….

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