another date with the seam ripper

There seems to be a theme going on for my Tuesday posts.  /sigh.  I started quilting Scrapitude (2015).  I just got back my Bailey and this is my first attempt playing with it.  I loaded the quilt over the weekend and wound a couple of bobbins for the quilt.  I used Superior’s Bottom Line since it worked so well with Tell It To The Stars.  Just to recap for those new to the blog, I was having a lot of thread breakage and other problems when I first started quilting Tell It To The Stars.  They seemed to disappear once I changed out the bobbin thread to Superior’s Bottom Line.  So I used it again here.  And since I got all this wonderful thread at Road and at QuiltCon I decided to use Superior’s Fantastico (#5122) for the top thread.  Anyway, this happened.


I thought it was the machine, or the way I loaded the frame, or anything.  Anyway, I was highly frustrated and I was ready to toss my machine away and go by a new long arm.  (of course I can’t really cuz I don’t have the money yet.) But I wanted to.  Somehow I thought about the thread and that the bottom line is 60w while Fantastico is 40w.  So changed the thread.  I kept the bottom line in the bobbin (just a different color) and used Aurifil’s 50w #2326.  See below!



No skipped stitches!  I believe I can mess with the tension and the 60w will work with the 40w but I didn’t want to figure out how to do it with a quilt on the frame.  I’ll figure it out at some other time.  🙂

Now, I have to go through and remove all those blue stitches.

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    • I’ve got about half removed. It’s taking me much longer than I thought it would take. Next time I’ll have to stop sooner than I did.

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