Living Simply Edition #17 – Living Room #1




Just a quick update on the status of living room #1.  I spent some time over the weekend going through the room and figuring out what can go and what can stay.  I know it doesn’t look like much because this is the living room that I spend my quilty time in.  But I wanted to go through all those books and get rid of the little stuff that I could get rid of.


The left bookshelf is mine and the kids.  I already pulled out the business books and took those over to the office to share with the staff.  The right bookshelf houses the books I retrieved from my parent’s library and the hubby’s stuff.  I spent my time on the left bookshelf since I’m not ready to get rid of those books on the right and what isn’t mine is the hubby’s.  Anyway, inside the cabinet at the bottom of the shelf was filled with a bunch of books too.  The bottom of the middle curio is also filled with books.  I got rid of the books on the top shelf and went through the remaining books.  I divided them into 4 categories:

  1. books I loved and will not/could not get rid of
  2. books my kids loved and I could not get rid of
  3. books I read and I’m not sure I loved so want to reread them to see if I could get rid of them
  4. books I haven’t yet read (usually the kids books that they recommended I read) and need to read.

I removed the books that I decided should go to a different home.  So now, the shelves you see are still full of books but the bottom cabinet on the left bookshelf is only half filled and the cabinet at the bottom of the curio is completely empty.  You can’t tell yet but we’ll be able to tell by the significant decrease of boxes of books. 🙂

I also went through the sewing box that is at the top of the curio.  I got it on sale somewhere and I liked how it looked so I bought it.  It’s been mostly empty but I opened it because I had the uneasy feeling that the hubby was hiding stuff in there.  I was right.  I threw away everything inside.  Nothing important, just an old tea set that the girl played with when she was 6 or 7.  I was keeping it because it reminded me of her at that age and the tea set was porcelain and so cute.  I will always have those memories.



I went through the basket, moved the two irons back to my crafty room.  I can’t decide which iron I like best and the hubby just pulls whichever one he finds when he wants to iron.  I threw stuff in the basket that needed to be thrown away and moved other things into the boy’s room that should not have been in the basket in the first place.  I stuck the remaining Christmas gifts that have not yet been delivered (the recipients are hard to pin down to give these to them) in the basket.


The boy’s backpack went to his room and then I went through this curio.  I got rid of the lion stuffed animal peeking at the top of the curio.  I found it in one of the boxes I was unpacking and I’m not sure how it ended up there.  I believe, at that time, I couldn’t get rid of it.  Now I could.  There wan’t much left inside the curio to get rid of.  It contains my grandma’s old china set that my mom gifted to me.  Below at the bottom is all our old piano books and music sheets.  I kept them all for now but maybe next week I’ll go through them.  I believe there are a lot that are incomplete as the pages have gone missing.


The water bottles got moved into a cooler outside.  The piano was cleared of all that stuff lying on top of it.  I went through the bowl that the hubby empties his pockets into and threw away all the receipts I found there.  I don’t know why he keeps the receipts.  I also went through our mug shelves.  I got rid of some stuff but not much.  This is one of our collections and I’m not ready to start downsizing these.  I am not going to be buying mugs anymore.  I used to buy a mug or two every place we visited but we’re traveling more than we used to and our friends are so generous they have started to get us mugs too.  So, I have no place to put them anymore.


I forgot to go through the coat rack.  I must do that this coming weekend!

While it doesn’t seem like I did much, I’m feeling better about getting rid of stuff.  There are some things I was able to put in the get rid of bin that was harder for me to get rid of before.  I’m glad that I’m allowing myself not to get rid of everything but to go through each section multiple times.  This way, it’s okay to save the question of keeping or getting rid of for a later time.  By the way, I say get rid of but if the item can still be used again, the hubby donates it somewhere.

I’ve read and listened to people suggestions of getting rid of as much as possible fast.  That helps you see progress right away and motivates you to keep getting rid of stuff.  I like this idea but I also get stressed about getting rid of something that I may potentially want later.  For example, I found a little elephant miniature piece whose trunk broke off.  I was sad.  I remembered buying the piece and it looks cute.  I don’t want to get rid of it.  But it’s broken.  But a little bit of superglue and it looks brand new.  But we don’t have super glue right now so we’ll need to get some.  Well, I told the hubby that he has a week to do it.  If it isn’t fixed in a week, I’m throwing it away!  It feels nice to be able to let go of feeling like I have to make a decision now.  So, I just got rid of the things that I felt was easy to get rid of.  And like I said, something that seemed hard to get rid of a few months ago was very easy to get rid of now (the lion stuffed animal).

Have a great day everyone!


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