This week’s line up, Week 17

Wow!  What is the plan this weekend?  This week flew by fast and I’m just happy to have a day.

Here’s my crafty plan for the day:

  1. Get started on quilting Raining Cats and Dogs.
  2. Finish Step 9 on Missing Ivy. I’m almost done.
    1. Missing Ivy Step 9 4/20/2016

      Missing Ivy
      Step 9

      I pieced the right sides together but when I started piecing the left side found that I pressed the middle pieces the wrong way so my seam is not nesting properly.  I need to do some pressing magic before I can finish piecing the left side.

  3. I need to finish pressing Block A’s for Celtic Solstice.  Right now Block A’s are taking up two bins because the pressed set are in 1 bin and the to-be-pressed set are in a 2nd bin.  I need the 2nd bin to put my in progress Block B’s for proper organization.  Right now they’re just dumped in the same bin as all the pieces and it’s driving my OCD mind crazy.  So I had to put it away for now.  In order for me to start working on it again, I need to organize it better and the first part of that organization is to press the remaining Block A’s so I can free up the 2nd bin. 🙂
  4. And if I have time…
    1. cross stitch a bit
    2. knit a bit
    3. work on my wool project a bit
A Rainbow Garden Block 4 in progress 4/19/2016

A Rainbow Garden
Block 4 in progress

Have a great quilty Saturday!


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  1. I especially love that Rainbow Garden. I love it every time you show the blocks you are doing. Have a great day stitching!

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