WIP Wednesday – 4/27/2016

  Happy Wednesday!

Raining Cats and Dogs Quilting in progress 4/27/2016

Raining Cats and Dogs
Quilting in progress

I finished machine quilting the top row of Raining Cats and Dogs on my domestic.  Next step is to unbaste, smooth out the second pucker, pin and quilt the second row.  I’m pretty sure my quilt frame is the culprit.  Now that I’ve quilted a few quilts on it, I can find the rough spots on the frame where my midarm has difficulty moving.  It kind of sticks in certain areas.  Of course, I could have loaded the quilt more carefully too.  Once I get all the machine quilting done, I plan to hand quilt within each block.

Because of all the problems I’ve had quilting with the Bailey (my midarm), I’m having second thoughts about quilting Moon Glow on in.  Once I get into the hand quilting step of Raining Cats and Dogs, I’m going to visit my local Bernina dealer who happens to be less than 5 minutes from my house and ask about renting out the Bernina longarm.  I may take my practice pieces over there and practice on it a bit before actually loading Moon Glow.

On a happy grateful note – I’ve lost 9lbs!  Woohoo!

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  1. Sorry you are having so much trouble. Can you get your frame looked at by someone to help you fix the problem?

  2. Yay on the weight loss! Can you smooth out that frame problem? I wondered why you were using the domestic when you have a mid-arm. =) That’s good progress. How are your shoulders?

    • Thanks Susan. I’m working really slow on this so I haven’t gotten to the point where my shoulders hurt. I get up pretty regularly. Hopefully I can finish this up pretty soon. 🙂

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