Fabric and Knitting Tuesday, 6/14/2016

Happy Tuesday!

Quilting the borders of Moon Glow 6/14/2016

Quilting the borders of
Moon Glow


I was able to quilt 2 of the borders and I’m not going to get those last 2 borders done.  I wanted to spend time yesterday and do 1 border and finish off the last border today but didn’t get to it.  Life happened and we’re taking care of all the last minute stuff before we head off.  So sometime today I’ll be taking my Bernina off to get her serviced while I’m away.

Knitting Update

I  started knitting the “leg” part of my current knitting project, my purple socks.  Here’s the pick of where I was at from last week:

My first socks 6/7/2016

My first socks

Here’s a pic of where I’m at now.

My first socks 6/14/2016

My first socks

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