Monday Madness – 6/13/2016

Missing Ivy Step 11 - unfinished More parts of rows pieced together 6/6/2016

Missing Ivy
Step 11 – unfinished
More parts of rows pieced together

Same picture as last week!  Sorry friends… I actually have all the rows done but I didn’t get a chance to take a picture.  Today was uncharacteristically overcast in Southern CA.  I wanted to start piecing the rows together but I’m frantically trying to get Moon Glow quilted so this is what I’ve looked at all day yesterday:

Quilting the borders of Moon Glow 6/14/2016

Quilting the borders of
Moon Glow

I’m almost done with 2 borders.  I have today and tomorrow and hopefully I’m able to finish it up before I leave.  I am planning on taking my domestic in for servicing while I’m gone so I’ll need to finish up early on Tuesday.


I did try to get Missing Ivy pieced together.  While the Bernina was set up in FMQ mode I pulled out my embroidery machine and took off the embroidery part.  I haven’t ever used the brother as a regular sewing machine so I had to retrieve all the parts from their hiding place.  I got everything put together and realized that I don’t have a 1/4″ foot.  I can’t piece without that!  I set it aside and made a note to get myself one.  I think I need to play with this machine more now that I’ve got it set up to play with.

Last week’s to do list:

  • Raining Cats and Dogs … continue to hand quilt an arm length of thread when I can.  I won’t hold myself to the daily work on this.  I’d be happy if I touch this once or twice. … done twice! 
  • Cross StitchBukid, finish the second row of the 1st page and start the third row! … done… 
  • Missing Ivy – Step 11 – do the last stick of each row so that it’s ready to piece the rows together. … done… 
  • Celtic Solstice – Continue to work on Block B as leaders and enders. … done… 
  • Spooky Halloween
    • Row 1, block 4 – machine applique, decide what will be hand done and prep it for hand work. … done… 
    • Row 2 – cut the fabric for all the blocks, piece all the parts that can be pieced, and prep it for hand work. … done…

Wow!  I got everything done last week.  It’s good to set small realistic goals.

This week’s to do list:

  • Moon Glow … finish quilting the border.
  • Turn in the Bernina for servicing
  • knit the purple socks
  • A Rainbow Garden … finish applique’ing the leaves
  • Spooky Halloween … finish applique’ing block 2

I’m looking forward to a great week!

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Have a great week!


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  1. I used to keep two machines set up all the time – My Viking for FMQ, and my Brother for piecing. When the Brother died (it was a super cheap machine), I never replaced it since we’ve been short on spending money and my Viking is perfectly good at piecing. I just have to reconfigure its physical and computer setups each time I change tasks. Gets old, y’know? ;D

    • I know! I reconfigured it to be an embroidery machine but I want to use this machine more than I’ve been using it. It’s not set up in the best place but I’m going to try where it is.

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