Stash Report – Week 25, 2016


Happy fathers day

And now for the numbers:

For the fabric stash:

My guild met on Monday and I received 27 strips of black and white fabric.  I’m pretty sure the colorway was chosen to complement the yellow strips we swapped a couple of months ago.  So that’s about 1.875 yards added.  I’m in the final stages of quilting Moon Glow.  When I get back from vacation I plan to finish it up, get the binding and label on and count these yards USED.  Until then… I’m still barely in the black.

  • Used this week: 0 yards
  • Used year to date: 34 yards
  • Added this week: 1.875 yards
  • Added year to Date: 25.375 yards
  • Net USED for 2016: 8.625 yards

For the Budget:

I joined another quilty project at my LQS called Quilty Little Christmas.  I enjoy doing projects with my local quilty group.  But it’s taking time.  I asked my daughter to help with this project.  Since we’re away on vacation for the rest of June, this project will have to wait until we get back in July.  That means we’ll already be behind but hopefully we’ll be able to catch up when we get back.  I also still need to get the book.  Here’s the damage:

Spent this week: $40.25

Spent year to date: $3,417.71

For the yarn stash:

I’m working on my purple socks but they’re not finished yet…

Used this week: 0 yards

Used year to date: 300 yards

Added this week: 0 yards

Added year to date: 0 yards

Net Used for 2016: 300 yards

And for Slow Stitching Sunday with Kathy at Kathy Quilts, I plan to work on A Rainbow Garden again today!  Here’s what it looked like last week:

A Rainbow Garden Block 5 unfinished 6/12/2016

A Rainbow Garden
Block 5


Here is how it looks now:

A Rainbow Garden Block 5 unfinished 6/19/2016

A Rainbow Garden
Block 5

Until next time…



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~Have a quilty week!



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  1. You’re making progress on that! I hope your vacation has been wonderful, and you are feeling refreshed.

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