Day 4 in Vegas

It’s been one day too many… in that I should have posted this yesterday but we were rushing/ driving back to LA for our friends’ August birthday celebration.  But I wanted to get this in because I’ve done such a great job documenting our Vegas travels this time around.  I wish I had done this when we were off on our Florida/Georgia/South Carolina visit.

Day 4 was Friday and as I did all week, spent the morning working while the rest of the family slept in.  The kiddos finally got up some time in the afternoon and the hubby took them to walk the strip and catch Pokemon’s.  I took the time to putter around, watch some videos, and get ready for our afternoon adventures.  I even got to enjoy the luxurious bath tub in our hotel room. Sometimes it’s nice to have some “me-time” and working while my family sleeps is not “me-time”.  🙂   I often forget that and have to remind myself of that all the time!  When they got back from their adventures, I was ready to rock and roll.  The kids decided to stay in and take their turns in the bath tub and do their me-times while us grown ups did our thing.

The hubby and I trekked it over to the Palms even though we generally don’t like to go to big casinos on the strip.  Evidently it’s not really a big casino and we actually had some fun playing at the blackjack tables.  We ended up at Cafe 6 at Palms Place for dinner.  I didn’t enjoy it, I didn’t like it, it was overpriced and a little too snooty for me.  Now that I’ve got that out of the way here’s my disclaimer.  We normally don’t go to places like this because they’re usually overpriced and not very good food anyway.  We like smaller off strip joints better and that may cloud my impressions on this place.  And the only reason why we went was because we had a $15 coupon that we wanted to use.

First, it’s far from the casino.  You have to walk through the casino, take an elevator up to a “skytube” floor, walk through the skytube – which helpfully had a moving walkway, then another elevator up to the floor with the restaurant.  I think it was the 6th floor but I can’t remember now.  If you’re new like we were, we asked a lot of people if we were going the right way.

Second, the food was overpriced!

onion rings  @ Cafe 6 8/5/2016

onion rings
@ Cafe 6

There were originally 4 pieces of onion rings (you read right, just 4 pieces) and it was $6.95!  They’re normal onion rings.  They don’t taste any better than any other onion rings. The rest of the food was whatever.  Nothing memorable.

Bacon Bleu Sliders Cafe 6 8/5/2016

Bacon Bleu Sliders – $13.95
Cafe 6

BLTA Stack with Sweet Potato Fries Cafe 6 8/5/2016

BLTA Stack with Sweet Potato Fries – $10.95
Cafe 6

Don’t come here even if you have a $15 coupon!  Maybe if we kept it at our order it would have been okay but we ordered a couple of other items to bring back to the kiddos and then the whole thing ended up costing us close to $100.  🙁

After we dropped their dinner off, the hubby and I spent our last night at our favorite casino off the strip!

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  1. The last one looks good, but the price seems horrendous! The price of all of them did. You’re right, I wouldn’t be doing that place. I’m glad you had a good time, overall, and it was a break in routine.

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