My knitting adventure

Today is mi madre’s birthday.  So Happy Birthday to her today!

I’m supposed to go up north tomorrow to spend Thanksgiving with the norcal family but me and the kiddos are not feeling well at all.  I’m not sure we’re going to make it but we’ll see how we feel tomorrow.

Besides that, finally, here are the pictures of what I’ve been doing while I was gone!

Short socks 11/22/2016

Short socks

This is the first sock and I’ve got the second sock started.  I plan to continue with the pink up until the toe and will do the toe part in blue.  I do not have much of the blue left so I had to start the second sock to make sure I had enough for two socks.

Here are my first socks that I finished a few weeks ago:

My First Socks 11/2/2016

My First Socks

I don’t think I ever got around to posting a picture.  These are my first ever socks so please don’t judge them too harshly.  The girl loved them and took them with her on her trip.  She said that they were warm and perfect for the colder weather of the East coast.  When she returned I ended up gifting them to my mom who absolutely loved them.  I love my family. 🙂

Another sock project 11/22/2016

Another sock project

This is the yarn I got from our Florida/Georgia/South Carolina trip last June.  I actually got further along than this while we were in Colorado but it was too small for me and when I got home had the girl try it on.  It ended up being too small for her too so I ripped ripped ripped and started all over again.  The picture is not great and I couldn’t get the camera to focus properly.  Here’s another picture and hopefully you can see the colors better:

Sock project 11/22/2016

Sock project

Purple is my favorite color and I’m loving how the gray, dark purple, and pinky purple all blend together nice and stripey.  I’m enjoying knitting these up as I go along.

I am also working on an infinity scarf but that’s in the car and I’m too lazy to go out and grab it for a picture.  It’s my car knitting when I go out in the morning and warm the car up for 10 minutes before I take the kiddos to school or while I’m waiting for them after school.  It’s slow but that’s okay.  Every bit at a time helps me move forward.  Otherwise I’d just be sitting there irritated that I have to wait for them. 🙂

Clipper Beanie 11/18/16

Clipper Beanie

And I posted this picture last Sunday of the Clipper Beanie. But it’s not blocked yet.  I really do not know how I’m supposed to do that with a hat.  I figured it out with a shawl or flat object but I do not know how to do it with a hat or sock.  Is it okay to just spray water on it and leave it flat to dry?   For those knitters out there, please help.  I’m a new knitter and really confused about this.

Have a great quilty or knitty day!


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    • Thanks Terry. I don’t know. I believe everything knitted needs to be blocked. I think it looks fine but I do not know if it will look better blocked. 🙂

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