WIP Wednesday – 11/23/2016

  Happy Wednesday!

This week my goal for Provence is “I need to figure out what the next step is.”

Provence 11/23/2016


I laid out all the blocks and in the picture you’ll see that the corner blocks is the same green fabric as the center of the alternative blocks.  The original fabric was supposed to be the dark blue with the dots that shown in the alternative blocks.  I went through all my fabric for this project and I didn’t have enough of the dark blue.  It’s weird I was confident that I bought all the fabric that I needed.  I do not know if I took some of it to use somewhere else at some point or if I just didn’t buy enough.  🙁  Which is probably the case since this seems to happen to me a lot with projects I started in that time frame.  I’ve learned that lesson over and over again as I finish up UFOs started in that era.  The fabric is 1219 olde world style by Monique Dillard for Maywood Studio.  Since this was a Block of the Month from my LQS in 2012 I didn’t have much hope of finding the same fabric there.  A quick online search, and I couldn’t find anything available online either.  I needed to pick up the final kit for “Have yourself a quilty little Christmas”  so I trekked it over to my LQS to find something to use.  Luckily they still had the same green that I used for the center of alternative blocks.  I bought a yard, took it home and proceeded to MISCUT it.  Yup, now I have to go buy another yard.  I had just enough to get my corner triangles but I do not have enough for the side triangles.  I’ll have to find time to go back and get some. 🙂

Provence Organized to piece the blocks together 11/23/2016

Organized to piece the blocks together

In the meantime, I’ve organized all the rows without the side triangles and can start piecing pairs together.

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