Vision Board

I have a vision of how I would like to live my life and every so often that vision changes.  As I get older, my understanding of life changes, I learn new things and my wants and desires change.  That’s what I’m working on right now.  A vision of how I want to live my life in the future.  It’s not entirely different from what I envisioned when I was in college but a lot has changed.

I would love to quilt, sew, do crafty stuff all day long.  I love weekends when the family and I stay home and that’s all I do.  This was not something I envisioned twenty years ago.  But crafting brings me so much joy that this is a requirement in any vision I dream up.

It’s very windy in Los Angeles this morning.  I smell smoke and fire.  I googled it and didn’t see that there was a fire nearby so hopefully it’s just someone’s fireplace emitting smoke out into the ozone.

Bonnie Hunters Clue #2 was released this morning.  I didn’t get all my 4-patches done but I’ve only got about 40 left to put together.  I’m going to try to get those done while I do Clue #2.  Just need to get some work done and then I can start on this clue.

Have a great Friday!


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