Happy love month!


As always life has been busy.  Thankfully it’s the good kind of busy.  A bit of quilting, a bit of knitting, a bit of driving the kiddos around, and a bit of working.  Okay a lot of working but that’s normal.  I am enjoying my crafting at the moment.  I hit a point in my sock knitting this morning where I just sat and knit with my coffee.  A podcast playing in the background and I can truly say, these are happy times.  Even with the world going crazy around me, my own little space is calm, quiet, and filled with joy.  I love these moments. I relish these moments.  And I wish you all these quiet happy moments.

Today’s agenda involves helping out a friend and some crochet.  I’m not sure I’ll have more time for other things.  I spent all morning on my knitting so I’m all knitted out now.  I picked some fabric for some bags I want to put together.  I want to continue perfecting the drawstring bags I started working on a few weeks ago and start working on zipper pouches.  I am working on the border of Have Yourself a Quilty Little Christmas but I’m not sure I’m in the mood for that.  I’ve got all the pieces ready and pressed.  All I have to do is lay it out and figure out how I want all the border pieces to go together.  Sometimes I just need to kick myself in the butt to get me going. ;0

I hope you all have a wonderful crafty day!


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  1. This sounds like a wonderful life to me. In all times and places, there is chaos. That’s nothing new. It’s a gift to be able to create calm and peace for yourself and your family. Happy heart month to you!

    • Thanks Susan. These bits of moments do not come by often but when I do get them. I try to acknowledge and enjoy them. Hope you have more of these times! 🙂

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