Monday makings and to do’s, 10/2!

Last’s week’s tasks and accomplishments:

  • quilting
    • Secret Project #2 – The top is done, I need to piece the back this week. – NOT DONE
    • A Rainbow Garden – Work on this for Slow Stitch Sunday – NOT DONE
  • Knitting
    • Kimono sweater – I have about 2 inches knitted for the collar.  The pattern says it should be about 7 inches.  The lady at my LYS (Local Yarn Shop) said at a minimum it should be 4 inches.  It seems that people generally get tired of this project and settle for somewhere between 4-7 inches.  I’ve figured out that it takes about 3 days to do 1 inch if I knit 2 rows every day.  So I should be at 2 inches every week going at the pace I was at last week.  If I’m okay with a 4″ collar I might be done this week.  If I want it longer, it can be another 3 weeks before I’m done.  I’ve already started on Kayla’s Weasley sweater but I haven’t gotten that much progress on it.  I may add it to my daily set of craftiness in order to get some it going but it will have to be the last thing on my daily crafty to do list so I can be sure to get everything done. – KIMONO IS DONE
    • Starting Point Shawl – continue to knit 2 rows per day.  I think I’ve only got a day or two and clue 2 will be done.  I will be starting clue 3 this week and I need to create a project plan so that I can work towards having clue 3 finished by 10/31 for both halves. – CLUE 2 IS DONE AND I GOT STARTED ON CLUE 3
    • Q Train Socks – Finish the toes! Then I need to take a picture, post it here and on ravelry! – DONE
  • Cross Stitch
    • Mama’s Bukid – finish Row 13! – DONE

My List for next week:

  • Secret Project #1 – take a picture
  • Secret Project #2 – piece the back
  • A Rainbow Garden – take to my mini group meeting and work on block 8
  • Kimono – weave in the ends and bind off
  • Starting point Shawl – continue to knit 4 rows per day.
  • Harry Potter – knit 2 rows per day
  • Mama’s Bukid – finish Row 14 (and page 1)!
  • Socks from my Secret Mandala sock blank – finish the heel, turn the heel, pick up the stitches on this and the St. Patty’s socks and start the foot.

Mama’s Bukid

~Happy Crafting!


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