2017 Crafty Plan – September Update –

I know this update is a few days late but I wanted to keep myself accountable and let you all know what I’ve accomplished on my goal list for September.

  1. Quilting
    1. Secret project #1 – I need to bind this.  I was planning on hand binding this project but decided to just machine bind the back too.  It will make for an interesting front but I’m hoping to do something different.  I’m hoping it looks cool rather than janky. – DONE!
    2. Secret project #2 – Once the first one is bound, I want to get started on the second one.  I need to pull the project out and figure out what needs to be done.  I think the top is done and all I need to do is quilt it but I can’t remember. – THE TOP IS DONE AND I HAVE PULLED THE FABRIC FOR THE BACK. I NEED TO PIECE THEM TOGETHER AND THEN QUILT THE PROJECT.
    3. Raining Cats and Dogs – hand quilt weekly.  My specific goal for September is to finish quilting the third row of the cream quilting thread.  To be honest, it’s been really hot here lately and our air condition is on the fritz.  So – don’t be surprised if this fall by the wayside. – NOT DONE
    4. A Rainbow Garden – block 8 weekly.  This goal is working for me so I don’t need to make anything specific for this one. – I DID WORK ON THIS BUT I DIDN’T GET TO IT EACH WEEK.
    5. Civil War Diary Quilt – Right before I went on our family vacation in June I was pretty good about working on this regularly.  I didn’t do a block a week but I was working on it.  I haven’t touched it since we’ve been back and it’s been months.  I want to have one block done for this month. – NOT DONE.
  2. Knitting
    1. Continue knitting on my sweater “Kimono” – I want the left sleeve to be done.  And if I am fast it would be great to get the collar done as well.  However, just the left sleeve is fine and dandy. – DONE. I’M ACTUALLY READY TO BIND THIS OFF AND BLOCK IT.  JUST IN TIME FOR WINTER!
    2. Starting Point shawl – I want Clue #2 for the second half done this month. – DONE
    3. Knitting Expat’s September socks – DONE
  3. Cross Stitch
    1. Mama’s Bukid – Row 12 – DONE.
  4. Bag Making
    1. Maxwell Bag – get the handles covered.  Find out the next steps from the instructor and finish it up.  I believe this bag is practically done so the next few steps are probably pretty quick. – HALF DONE. I HAVE ONE HANDLE DONE AND I’M HALFWAY THROUGH THE SECOND HANDLE.
    2. Finish the Nesting Basket I started in the August bag class. – NOT DONE.
    3. Do the September bag class – this class has not yet been scheduled so I need to check the website regularly until it is.  Hopefully it falls on a day that I can make it. – DONE.
  5. Clothes Making
    1. LAFS  – finish my pajama pants – NOT DONE

~Happy crafting!


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