Less than a month away…

We’re closing in fast on Christmas and are you ready? Here’s what I’ve done from last week’s to do list …

  • Secret Project #2 – DONE!  I’ve even taken the pictures and my page is ready to publish after this has been gifted.
  • Starting point Shawl – knit 3-4 rows per day.  I want to finish clue 4 this week. – DONE!  Clue 4 is finished and I’m working diligently on clue 5.  I have to do about 500 stitches per day in order to get this done by Christmas.  Which means, I need to do a bit more to get it blocked and wrapped.  I’m going to try.  At this point, I’ve got 172 stitches per row and every couple of rows, it decreases by 4.  Once there are no more stitches on this side, I have to do the same on the other side.  So going forward I have to watch stitch count versus number of rows.
  • Secret Project #3 – knit the final 3 inches so that I can work on the next part. – DONE!
  • Mama’s Bukid – Page 5, Row 3 – finish Row 3. – Done! I’m working on Row 4 and I’m actually about half way done with it.
  • St. Patty’s Socks and Secret Mandala sock blank that I’m knitting up congruently – do the last 10 rows so I can work on the heel. – Done! I’m working on the heel.
  • Harry Potter – do another set of 20 rows. – Not Done!  I only got 12 rows done.
  • And since this is Thanksgiving Week spend Black Friday with Bonnie Hunter’s first clue of her mystery quilt for this year! – Done!

My List for next week:

  • Starting point Shawl – knit 600 stitches per day. I want to be halfway through the first joining triangle this week or 25% through the final clue. Actually it would be great to be at 30% or more so I can be on track for finishing a bit early. 
  • Secret Project #3 – Start the next one.  My goal was to create 3 of these but I’m going to stop 11/30 so I’ll be in the middle of the third one.  I’ll start up again in January and ship this off when it’s done.
  • Mama’s Bukid – Page 5, Row 4 – finish Row 4 and at the rate I’m going possibly get through half of Row 5.
  • St. Patty’s Socks and Secret Mandala sock blank that I’m knitting up congruently – I only have a few rows left working the back of the heel, my goal is to get that done, turn the heels and then pick up the stitches.  This week, I want to get my socks to the point where I can work on the foot.  I’m not going to get this done this month but I want to get them done in December.  That will complete my 12 socks for the year and I can start again in January.
  • Harry Potter – continue to work on this as I have time.
  • Finish Clue #1 of On Ringo Lake and work on Clue #2 on Friday.

Happy Crafting!


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