2017 Crafty Plan – November Recap

I kept working diligently on my projects and that’s all that matters.  I enjoy doing my various crafty projects.  It gives me a sense of peace when I’m sitting at my craft table working, listening to my podcasts or an audiobook or just being quiet in my surroundings.  And now November is over and here’s what I was able to accomplish from my November task list.

  1. Starting Point Wrap – Finish Clue 4 and get started on Clue 5.  This is a Christmas gift so I would like to get clue 4 and clue 5 finished by the end of November.  I don’t think that’s going to happen and I’ll just keep it at Clue 4 for now.  I think I heard that Clue 5 is not very much but putting the two halves together. But I don’t know if that’s true. STATUS – I finished Clue 4 and started on Clue 5.  It’s not true that clue 5 is not very much.  There’s a lot in clue 5 and I need to do at minimum 500 stitches per day to get it done in time.  I will need to do more if I want time to block and wrap.  I am enjoying knitting up this shawl and because of this, I purchased the collection, Shawl Society II by Helen Stewart.  My plan is to start the Fairyhill Shawl as soon as Starting Point is off the needles.  I hope I have enough energy to pick my yarn and pack them with the needles I will need so I can take it with me when we head up north. But this is way down the list of things to keep track of so if it doesn’t happen – no biggie.
  2. Secret Project #2 – Quilt and bind.  The label is already done so I’d like to get the label on too. – DONE!
  3. A Rainbow Garden – continue to work on block 8. – NOT DONE
  4. Mama’s Bukid – Finish Row 1 and 2 of Page 5 – DONE!  I’m working on finishing Row 4 so I did a great job here.
  5. Kayla’s Weasley Sweater – Continue to knit 2 rows per day on whatever part I’m on.  I don’t think I’m going to be close to getting this done for Christmas so I’m taking it off my Christmas list. – NOT DONE!  I decided early in the month that this is down my list of things so I did work on it a bit here and there but not 2 rows per day.  I got the back done which I can’t remember if I finished that last month or this.  And I’m working on the front.  I’m at about 8 inches.  When I get to 13 I have to start working on the “K”.

My Christmas Project List –

  1. Starting Point Wrap – see above on my status
  2. Secret Quilty Project #2 – Done!
  3. Secret Knitty Project #3 – I finished 2 of the 3 pieces and that’s okay. My goal was to get as much as I could before 12/1 and I got 2 finished. I’m working on 3 but today will be the last day I work on it until 1/1.  I will gift the finished 2 and keep the 3rd and hopefully make a couple more to give at a later date.
  4. wrap the stuff in organza bags – not done. I’ll be working on these in December.
  5. fill purple bags – not done. I’ll be working on these in December.


~Happy crafting!


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