2018 Crafty Plan – Cross Stitching

If you missed the start of my 2018 crafty plan series, see my first post about my quilty plans. The second about knitting, and this is the third which continues with cross stitching.  The final post in the series will outline my rotation that I will be implementing this month.

I’ve been watching FlossTube which is basically cross stitching podcasts on YouTube.  And I’ve been exposed to the world of cross stitching as I never knew it.  If you’ve been reading this blog for awhile, you know that I learned how to cross stitch from my grandma in the 90’s.  I inherited all my patterns and projects from her and they reflect her tastes from that time period.  She past away in 1999 and a couple of years ago I picked up an old pattern that I had worked on years ago and finished it.  Then I picked up the project called Farmland 2 that I renamed to Mama’s Bukid.  I’ve been working on it ever since.  I’m on page 5 of the pattern but it’s really only the second page of the 8-page project.  Since I started watching FlossTube I started buying more patterns and kits.  The ones I got were small ones that if I worked on it regularly could finish in a month or two.  As with everything, I’m not fast.  And the ones I got are seasonal and I’ve put them aside until I’m ready to work on Halloween and Christmas crafts.  Unlike other crafts I do, all I know is what my grandma taught me.  I am picking up a few tips and tricks from the flosstubers I’m watching but I don’t care if my back is a mess or if I make a mistake here or there.  Recently, I saw a YouTuber stitch this and absolutely fell in love with Gamer Nouveau.

I love it.  The only thing is that I’m afraid it will get in the way of me finishing Mama’s Bukid and I don’t want it to do that.  But I’m afraid if I do not get this kit now I may miss out and not find it 10 years from now when Mama’s Bukid is done.  So, I’m going to buy this kit and add this to a rotation I’m putting together for all my projects.  Hear about my rotation tomorrow as I finalize it.

~Happy Cross Stitching!

~Happy Crafting!



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  5. Flosstube is a huge enabler for me too lol! But I love it! Good luck with all your stitching, I look forward to seeing your progress

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