2018 Crafty Plan – January

We’re almost halfway through January but I wanted to my January goals posted.  I always have these in the back of my mind but it’s always helpful for me to post them so I have a concrete place to look for my monthly goals.

  1. Mama’s Bukid – Finish Row 5 and 6 of Page 5
  2. Kayla’s Weasley Sweater – attach the front and back and work on the sleeves
  3. do Resfeder socks
  4. finish Christmas socks
  5. Celtic Solstice – put the back together
  6. Enjoy Road to California

~Happy crafting!


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  1. Oh, my gosh, time for Road again! I wish I could go. I say that every year! LOL I used to go, way back when it first started, and wasn’t a quilt show, but a week of classes – or 4 days worth, anyway. I took some great classes way back then! Have a great time!

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