Saturday Musings

This week, I was able to focus and follow my current project rotation. The plan is laid out in this post if you have no idea what I’m referring to and are curious. But I haven’t been doing so well on the work front. I’ve only wanted to craft and my craft room and work office is the same room.  So I only have to look over and see crafty projects calling my name.  It’s been difficult and there have been times where the longing to do just a bit more on a craft project won the battle.  I blame it on being sick for the latter part of my vacation and not being able to craft my heart out during that time.

Today is Saturday and here is the plan for today:

Weave in ends, Quilting, bag making, sewing, cross stitch on Mama’s Bukid and Gamer

But first, here’s a picture of my craft table. It’s kind of a mess.  My floor needs a bit of attention too.  So, before I can focus on the things I want to do, I’ve got to clear this table off (I will need to cut fabric and I need that table to do so).

And I will need to clear off the floor.  Then I can have fun today.

Gamer has not yet arrived so that is not on the docket today.

~Happy crafting!




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