TGIFF, 2/9/18

Finally, I have a finished.  This post should really be TGIFFF for Thank GOD it’s FINALLY Finished Friday!

A quilt…
untitled for practice quilting

The other side of
A quilt…
untitled for practice quilting

Last Friday at the UFO Party, I brought this old project with me.  It really wasn’t meant to be a project. A long time ago, when I had a mid-arm, I practiced quilting on this project. I just slapped together two pieces of fabric that I loved and quilted.

Afterwards, it sat around for years waiting for me to do something with it.  I finally took it to the UFO Party, trimmed it and attached the binding.  This past week I bound the other side and buried the ends.  Now I’m going to put it in my Gift pile with my other finished projects to be pulled out when I need a gift for someone.  I’ll attach a label at that time so I can personalize it when I have a moment.

Thank God its Finished Friday!  Now I can spend the rest of the weekend doing other projects. 🙂

~Happy Friday!


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