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My weekly crafty update ~on quilting

Last week I turned my sewing machine on again after 2 weeks of not touching it.

Dancing with the Stars
Still in pieces
Linda Ballard

I pieced more pieces of Dancing with the Stars so I can make more blocks to fit a queen size quilt. I think I may run out of fabric and I went to Joanns to find something similar and I failed.  It may not be queen size. or, I’ll have to keep hunting.

I do not know why I stopped turning the machine on. It became too hard. My Lowery stand and my big cross stitch frame was in front of my table and the room was just messy enough that I didn’t want to disturb the piles by moving it so I can sew.  That’s not usually something that stops me. In addition, I had enough of a mess on my cutting table that I didn’t want to clean it up so I could cut fabric.  And I was at a perfect stand still in all of my projects. Most WIPs needed something pressed or cut or both before I could move into actually sewing on the machine.  And I didn’t want to press or cut. I wanted to sew.  It’s the kind of motivation or unmotivation -demotivation? – well I was immobilized by my inability to make a decision of what to do next and so did not do anything.  On Labor Day, I finally stopped with the inaction and pressed and put the pieces to Dancing with the Stars under the needle.  🙂

2012 Southern CA
Quilt Run
Area Four
Mystery quilt

And over the weekend I pulled this quilt from my retreat luggage. I already had the first 2 rows pieced. I sewed all but the final row pieced together. I just ran out of energy and had to call it quits for the week.  I hope to finish the top in the next couple of weeks.

~ keep on quilting!



Japanese JigSaw Puzzle Quilt

Japanese Jig Saw Puzzle

This quilt was finished some time ago. I forget when but it’s been a few weeks and I’ve been meaning to put a label on it. I still do not have a label on. So it’s not a Finish Finish Finish, but I will get one on soon.

This was the result of a guild workshop a couple of years ago and I do not think I ever posted it here.  It’s done now and I’m happy to have another lap quilt to throw on the couch.


A new project – Diamond Wedding Ring

Diamond Wedding Ring

Pattern by Judy Niemeyer

At a quilt retreat last September (2019) at Thimble Towne in Bakersfield, CA, I saw this quilt.  And I loved it. I have known about Judy Niemeyer’s quilt patterns for awhile and I’ve always found them to be beautiful.  I had it on my bucket list to do one of hers at some point but nothing called to me until I saw this quilt.  The above quilt is not my quilt. This is the one I saw at Thimble Towne because I loved it so much and last weekend, I took a class with a certified Judy Niemeyer instructor over at Cotton and Chocolate in Thousand Oaks, CA.

Here’s my progress pictures:

Diamond Wedding Ring
Stacks of fabric for the rings

The class is offered the first Saturday of each month.  And my homework until the next class is to turn the stacks of fabric into these rings.  The great thing is that if I do not finish my homework this month, I can always go to the following month’s class. I like this freedom.  In reality, I want to get this homework done by the February class so I can move forward on this project.  I already have plans and will not be able to attend the March class which means if I do not get this done by February I will not be able to move to the next step until April.  If you’ve read the last few posts, you know I’ve got a handful of projects I’m working on so I’m not going to push myself to get this done for February.  But it would be nice if I did. 🙂

~Happy Quilting!




Glam Clam – My new primary WIP

Now that Good Fortune is done, I’m ready to work on Glam Clam.

Here is how it looks now:

In 2017, I took a class with Latifa Saafir with the Valley Modern Quilt Guild.  And since then I’ve slowly been piecing a row at a time at retreats.  It’s not hard but I do pin a lot. and it takes a lot of brain power for me so all I can do was a row at a time.  I found my original picture when I laid out the clams…

and I only have 2 rows left and this top is done.  Don’t hold your breath because those two rows may take me some time to do…

Oh – and I’ll probably do the back for Good Fortune when I’m ready to quilt it.

~ Happy Quilting!



2020 Crafty Plans

Over the last 3-4 years I’ve added more crafts to my crafty life and I only have so much time for crafts.  Time is a fixed element.  There is only so much time and I love to do all the things. I quilt, knit, cross stitch and now I’m learning to sew and make project bags, and on and on and on.  Over the holiday break I used my gifted Christmas money to get a bobbin lacemaking kit.  I’ve got a ton of half done projects and plans for other projects but not enough time to do everything I want to do.  So rather than have goals each month of making progress on certain things I’ve decided to dedicate time to different crafts.

To summarize my crazy, I knit on my socks for 15 minutes every morning and 1-2 rows on my high priority knitting project every evening Monday thru Friday.  I cross stitch on my projects every evening Monday thru Friday. I quilt on Saturdays and I sew on Sundays.  Obviously if something comes up like an event or party or meeting, I will not be crafting. As a result, I like to avoid attending events and tend to stay home or hang out with like minded crafty people (just kidding – I still go out and see friends and family, I’m not totally crazy…. yet).

So here is a list of projects I will be working on during the craft times:

Quilting: So even though I’ve added new crafts to my life I still consider myself a Quilter with a capital Q.  And over the next year I want to learn to use my new machine (*more on that later when it arrives).  I want to learn how to service my featherweight, I’m taking a year long Judy Niemeyer class, take the monthly workshops offered by my quilt guild, take the embroidery class offered at my local sewing machine shop, do more hand work, and finish more of my WIPs.

My current WIPs:


This is not really a WIP because the top is done. I just need to quilt it. I actually have this and possibly two other tops and a multitude of smaller projects ready to be quilted.  Those are top on my list to finish and will be done when my new machine arrives*.

Good Fortune 

Good Fortune

I am currently finished with Border #3.  I’m working on the 4th and final border.

Glam Clam

I’ve been doing a row at a time at the various retreats I’ve gone to over the last 2 years and I only have about 3 rows left.

Scrappy Stars – I do not have a good picture of this because this was a mystery quilt from a few years ago and I’m currently on step 4 or something.  I believe that I’m at the point where I start putting the pieces together to make blocks. But right now, there are just a bunch of pieces…

Area One Mystery Quilt – 

This is another project I’ve been working on primarily at retreats.  I actually have two more sets of blocks done and I only have another 2 sets of blocks left before I can start piecing the blocks together. I know that doesn’t make any sense but I’m getting so close to a finish.  Here’s how the center looks which I got done after the above picture was taken.

Craftsy Mystery quilt from a long time ago by Kimberly Einmo.  I cannot remember where I am with this project but I started it at the last retreat I went to.

Area Two  Mystery quilt – I finished all the blocks that I have but apparently I do not have the finishing instructions!  So now I have a bunch of blocks that I have to figure out how to put together.  I will work on this at a retreat because I need a big design space and fellow retreat attendees’ help to decide how to move forward.

Dancing with the Stars by Linda Ballard – I pulled this out and started working on it again at the last retreat I went to and the last time I worked on this was in 2013.

Dancing With the Stars
2-Block A and Snowball

I get a lot of work done at retreats I attend throughout the year. These are formal retreats for my guild, and various retreats offered by shops but I also plan personal retreats with friends and with my family.  I generally work on one project at home and that is currently Good Fortune and when that is done I’ll work through this list in order.

This is a lot for one post so I’m putting my other crafts for other days.

Happy new year!


Good Fortune, Another Bonnie Hunter project

I do not remember if I ever mentioned this project and that I did participate… continue to participate. A guildmate and I get together most Sundays to work on our mystery quilts.  Originally it was supposed to be Bonnie Hunter’s Good Fortune Quilt but she decided to work on a different mystery quilt.  Meeting like this really helps to get me back into my quilty mode. I just started with clue 1 and I worked on that until it was done.

Good Fortune Mystery Quilt
Clue One

Then I started with Clue 2. I’m still working on clue two but I will probably be done with it pretty soon.

Good Fortune Mystery Quilt
Clue Two
In process

I’m using the square in a square method and it took me a while to figure out how wide the blue borders and the center square needed to be to get the right measurement of my HSTs. The center square needs to be about 4″ square and the borders are about 2″ wide.  The squares have to be accurate but the borders didn’t have to be exactly 2. If it was a little small or big it would still work.  This was a really fast method and my HSTs are perfect.  Hopefully, it will be done this week and I can get started on Clue 3 next Sunday.

Happy crafting,


TGIFF, 2/9/18

Finally, I have a finished.  This post should really be TGIFFF for Thank GOD it’s FINALLY Finished Friday!

A quilt…
untitled for practice quilting

The other side of
A quilt…
untitled for practice quilting

Last Friday at the UFO Party, I brought this old project with me.  It really wasn’t meant to be a project. A long time ago, when I had a mid-arm, I practiced quilting on this project. I just slapped together two pieces of fabric that I loved and quilted.

Afterwards, it sat around for years waiting for me to do something with it.  I finally took it to the UFO Party, trimmed it and attached the binding.  This past week I bound the other side and buried the ends.  Now I’m going to put it in my Gift pile with my other finished projects to be pulled out when I need a gift for someone.  I’ll attach a label at that time so I can personalize it when I have a moment.

Thank God its Finished Friday!  Now I can spend the rest of the weekend doing other projects. 🙂

~Happy Friday!


WIP Wednesday: Staycation


Last weekend, I attended my guild’s monthly workshop.  The last one of the year.  The instructor was Lyn Brown and she walked us through her Staycation quilt.  I had a ton of fun and it inspired me to finish my secret project #2 so I can switch my machine from FMQ back to piecing.

Happy Wednesday!


Civil War Diary Quilt: Block 3

Conscript Law

Civil War Diary Quilt
Block 3
Conscript Law

See details of this quilt on my project page: Civil War Diary Quilt.


I needed 12 HSTs. I couldn’t figure out how much to cut the squares to get a finished 1.5 HST.  I couldn’t figure out how to get EQ7 to tell me how to do this.  If you know, please let me know.  To be fair, the program comes with tutorials and things and I’ve only watched the first video.  I plan to spend time each week learning the program but I’m not there yet so… it’s the user, not the program.  Anyway, this site calculates it for you.  All you need is to enter the finished size of the HST and it will tell you how big to cut the squares.  Since I needed 12 HST I chose to use the 4 HST method. 🙂

The blocks in this quilt will finish at 6″.  I cut my squares to 4″.  To be exact, it would have been cut at 3-3/8″ but I cut it larger to trim down.  I trimmed the HSTs to 2″.

Then I needed to make this little block:

That baby is probably about a 3″ square.  I trimmed it down to a 2″ square. I do not know the name of the unit.  There probably is a name for it.

To get 4 of these I needed to cut:

  • 2-4″ squares of the red and the white
  • 1 – 4″ square of the turquoise, then cut on the diagonal twice for 4 triangles

For the red and white squares, I put the right sides together and drew a line on the diagonal. sewed a quarter inch from each side of the line; cut on the line and then cut on the diagonal. you’ll get a total of 8 half triangles. put aside the ones with the white fabric on the left and keep the ones with the red fabric on the left.

Then I center the turquoise triangles onto the red/white triangles and sewed on the long edge.  I press fabric into the turquoise but I assume you can press in the method you like.

Then I trim to 2″ squares. And put all the little pieces together to make the final block.

Civil War Diary Quilt
Block 3
Conscript Law


And here’s my back so you can see what that looks like:

Personally, and I don’t mean to brag, but I am so amazed at how far I’ve come in my quilting journey.  I’ve been quilting for about 10 years now and I’m loving how my points are matching and how flat this block is.  I’m happy that I took the time to learn the steps and practice and learn things over again.  Practice makes perfect.  Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t but I love how my journey is progressing. 🙂

~happy piecing!


Civil War Diary Quilt: Block 2

Oath of Allegiance

Civil War Diary Quilt
Block 2
Oath of Allegiance

My blocks will finish at 6″ once pieced into the quilt top.

There are faster ways to put this block together but since I’m only doing 1 block and not 50 of them, I cut each individual square at 1-3/4″ and then pieced them together.  First in pairs, then in squares, and so on until the block was done.

I’m still loving it!

See the first block and all the details on my project page at Civil War Diary Quilt.

~happy piecing!