Monday’s POA – week 10, 2018



Here were my goals from last week:

  • Mama’s Bukid – Page, 5, row 10 – FINISH ROW 10 – DONE
  • Celtic Solstice – finish piecing the backing! – DONE. Well, I think I’m done. I got it all pieced together and then I trimmed it up to square it up.  I was so tired being on my knees on the floor that I didn’t have the energy to measure and see if it finished at 120×120. I hope it did.  I’ll have to measure it next week.  
  • I also need to get a list of my UFOs jotted down for my guild meeting in a couple of weeks.  We are doing a UFO challenge and I’m not sure what UFOs I have. I know I have a bunch but it’s always helpful to have a list so I can be mindful of what I’m working on. – DONE BUT NOT DONE. I wrote down a list so technically it’s done.  But it’s not a great list and I’m not sure I’ll submit it.  I really should because what makes it a great list?  I don’t know. But it wasn’t inspiring.  What would make a UFO list inspiring?  I don’t know but these are the thoughts going on in my head.  
  • Rainbow Garden – do a little bit of work on this on Sunday. – DONE. 
  • Knitting projects:
    • Warm and Snug socks – February pattern for the Cosy Sock Club
      • I have one more stripe for the foot and then I plan to finish the toes and this project will be a done. And since I used 2 balls of knit picks felici, that’s 2 balls I can mark on my “used” yarn for this week. – DONE. 
    • Weasley Sweater for Kayla – continue to work on the sleeves.  I am at the point where I need to have Kayla try this on.  That will tell me how much longer I need to go. – DONE. I got the sleeves to the point in the pattern where it says I’m done and I need to start the cuffs.  I had Kayla try it on a few rows ago and it was fitting well.  At the time she asked me to make the sleeves so that it came a few inches (about 3) past her wrists so I’m not sure if I’ll put a few more rows in stockinette and then start the cuff or start the cuff now and have a few extra inches of cuff.  We’ll see.  
    • Cowl – continue to do a round a day on this project. – DONE. I didn’t do every day but I did most days and that’s good!

And for this week’s goals, here’s what I want to get done.

  • Mama’s Bukid – Page, 5, row 11 – I’m halfway through row 11 so I want to finish it this week.
  • Celtic Solstice – measure the backing and prep the batting. Find a place to quilt this sometime next week.
  • UFO list – finalize this and bring it to my guild meeting to turn in.
  • Rainbow Garden – do a little bit of work on this on Sunday.
  • Knitting projects:
    • Derive socks – March pattern for the Wanderlust Sock Club
      • These came out on 3/1 and I started the cuff (I work my socks cuff down).  I’ve got all the ribbing done and I am starting the pattern of the leg.  Each pattern repeat is about 12 rounds.  I usually do not make my socks very long in the leg area but I would like to see how these feel longer than I normally make them.  I think if I made them the length I usually make them it will be about 2 pattern repeats (about 24 rounds) so I’ll try to get in 3 pattern repeats this week.  If I like how the pattern is knitting up, and I have the time, I may even do a 4th pattern repeat before I start the heel.
    • Weasley Sweater for Kayla – I need Kayla to try this on again and determine if I should do the ribbing of the cuff now on the sleeves or continue in stockinette a bit longer.
    • Cowl – continue to do a round a day on this project.

Happy Crafting!


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