2020 Crafty Plans: Everything Else – sewing, bag making, etc etc

Good Morning,

Sundays are my sew days. I’m currently taking a class at my sewing machine shop and plan to continue with the Sunday sew days.

I started with Dress No. 1 from 100 Acts of Sewing. Here’s how it turned out:

I really love it but it’s a little too big. So I’m going to make another in a smaller size.  I already have the fabric for it and it’s washed and ready. Before I do that I will be making the Megan Dress in LAFS:

I’ve already started tracing the pattern onto a thin interfacing and cut out fabric.  Before my next class, I will need to finish marking the registration marks on the fabric and sewing up the darts.  At the next class I’ll be ready to sew all the pieces together.

Other projects down the line is to continue working my way through the book, LAFS, and get more confident in my garment sewing skills. I have dress no 2 and skirt no 1 from 100 acts of sewing to do as well.  Those projects seem to be on the simpler side so I can probably do those on the Sundays my sewing class does not convene.

Once a month, I want to work on bag making. I have a roll of 2 yards of vinyl that I bought specifically to make project bags. I also have kits of bags I purchased at various shows over the years that I want to complete.

And finally, I want to work on card making as well.  I have finally finished all my blank cards and holiday cards that were in a box to use for any occasion.  I have a ton of supplies for card making since my scrapbooking days that I just need to take the time to make them and then I’ll have them to use.  I just need to schedule this and my bag making days into my calendar.

Happy new year!


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