I’ve been making a lot of bread. And they haven’t been turning out well. Actually, they were good enough and I wanted to make them better.  I was using a bread machine and I do not think it was mixing the ingredients properly. Then I switched to hand and using recipes that didn’t require too much kneading. They came out better but I was missing something. Last week I decided to delve into sourdough breads. They are my favorite. So I went on which was recommended by a knitting buddy and spent last week feeding my starter. I didn’t know if it was working or not but by this last Saturday I was going to make bread to hell or high water. (Is that the right saying?) Anyway, I did it and I love it… So now I’m setting aside some of my starter each day to give away to friends who want it.

Finished product


Sourdough Bread
after baking for 20 minutes covered


Sourdough Bread
after proofing for a few hours just before baking

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  1. Looks wonderful! I got on the sourdough wagon, too. I’ve had good luck with pancakes, biscuits, etc, but this week my bread just… didn’t rise. And got very acidic. So I’m sad. Back to the drawing board.

    • The weather turned and it’s been really hot since last Friday. It has been causing me no end of problems. The bread is tasting great. It’s just not getting to the point after proofing when I can score it properly. I’d like to try pancakes and biscuits, etc. that’s on my to do list for this week. 🙂

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