A special gifts and finds

Over the weekend, hubby found all the fabric and yarn bins that accidentally got put into the garage and I’ve been putting things away. Nothing is organized but that’s ok for now.

In one bin I found a few items I’d been looking for at the old house. For new readers, I lived in one place 2015-2019 and then had to move out for reasons not worth going into. We moved to another place for about a year (Aug 2019 – Oct 2020). Well apparently this bin got tucked away at the last garage and was never unpacked. Until now!

buttons for a quilt I’m hand quilting. and all the special floss and quilting thread and extra fabric I’d tucked away into the bin.
project bin of my finished blocks for my wool applique quilt

And my light box that I forgot to take a picture of.

I had gotten to a point on these projects where I needed these items in order to move forward and it’s been months since I last worked on them. I’m really happy to have found them. It actually forced me to start working on my old Hawaiian block that I’d been hand applique’ing since 2013 or so.

On Sunday, my quilt guild friends were on our Sunday zoom and I used to the time to put things away. During the move I got some hand me downs from some fellow crafty friends. I love all kinds of tins and use them for various things… stitch markers, project keepers, needles, etc etc. So I got a bunch of tins and in the bag I found these:

Aren’t these just awesome!

I got a bunch of books and knitting patterns from another friend and I kept a lot but still passed a few things as well as a quilting ruler that I had a duplicate of to a fellow knitter and friend who wants to learn to quilt.

This item was in a bag full of needlepoint and bobbin lace supplies. I had no idea what these were and showed it to the zoomies. They told me that they were used back in the day to pull shades and things. Well, I’ve been having trouble with this particular ceiling fan. I couldn’t reach it to turn it on and off. So I attached the pull and ta da!

Now I no longer need to call the hubby or the boy to turn it on or off for me.


Happy Tuesday Friends!


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  1. The rayon pull rings brought back childhood memories of those roller shades. The ones we had were unpredictable when you pulled the string loop, they would either stop at weird lengths, unroll completely, or snap up and spin at the top. Mini blinds are so predictable and boring.

    • I do a Sunday zoom with my quilt guildmates and when I showed them the package they were all reminiscing. It’s so fun when little things like this brings memories back. 🙂

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