Getting ready for BFSI

I’m writing this in advance because I know the week of Thanksgiving is going to be busy and I want to continue posting on a weekly basis. Knowing that and if everything goes as planned, here’s what I imagine posting on Tuesday before Thanksgiving.

BFSI stands for Black Friday Sew In. Back in the day, we used to do #BFSI on Twitter. I’m wondering if anyone plans on doing anything this year… I’m not on Twitter as much but once in a while I’ll jump on and see all the missed notifications and comments. My blog links to my twitter page so any blog posts get tweeted automatically but I don’t get notified of any comments or likes until I log in, which I don’t do much. It’s always fun to see who comments and such. There are usually 2 or 3 of the folks still on and I try to respond when I see it.

The Quilter Twitter community became the Twilters and then a group was created on Facebook. I jump in once in awhile to see what’s going on and sometimes I even comment. A few months ago I tried cutting back on my Facebook/Instagram addiction and it worked until the week of the elections. I was on there so much that week. I’m slowly weaning myself off again.

For Thanksgiving this year, the hubby, baby boy, and I drove up last Friday evening. My mom’s birthday was 11/22 (Sunday) and all she wanted was help to clean her garage. So we trekked up North despite Covid and all the risks (I know!). Baby girl joined us later via direct flight from Boston to SFO. She’ll be staying with us until the start of next semester taking her remaining classes online. And we got the garage cleaned. Yay! We decided not to stay through Thanksgiving to avoid the traffic. Who knows if there will be traffic this year but we didn’t want to risk it.

Truthfully, we I wanted to be with my sewing machine and my stash on Friday – #BFSI. As always, I look forward to Bonnie Hunter’s mystery quilt each year. I don’t always get them done or even started, but I am excited to work on this one. Here are her links…

Bonnie’s Blog

Bonnie’s Website

Grassy Creek Tab

You can see all the details of the mystery quilt under the Grassy Creek link. But the Blog and Website will provide more info on her, what she does and her shop. I can’t imagine not knowing about Bonnie, especially if you read blogs and have been online for years. But I run into quilters in my day to day life who don’t know her so, check her links out if this is the first time you’ve heard of her.

I recently looked at the first mystery quilt I did and it was Easy Street from 2012. I heard of Bonnie through Katie’s Quilting Corner which was one of my favorite podcasts. She no longer podcasts but maybe she still has the old episodes up. I haven’t looked. I’m doing the mystery this year because I enjoy the community around this mystery quilt. This year, most especially, I miss the community around quilting and such. My quilt guild and my quilty friends have helped a lot with our Sunday Zoom days and our mini group meetings twice a month (on Zoom, of course).

Anyway, apparently it’s not enough and I need the online quilting community too. For blogs, we post a picture on Mondays and link to her linky. On Facebook, there’s a friendly group that shares all they are doing on the mystery quilt. For Instagram, we find each other with different hashtags. Usually something like #bonniehuntermysteryquilt2020 or #grassycreekmysteryquilt. This is what I plan to be doing on Black Friday! 🙂

~ Keep on Quilting


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