Happy Thanksgiving!


This year it’s just me, hubby and the boy.  The girl is with her grandparents in Northern California.  She’ll be flying in on Saturday and will be staying for the rest of the semester until spring semester starts in January (I think).  

We drove back from Northern CA Tuesday and it’s been a nice few days getting some work in, some crafting in, and even a trip to Ikea.  

The trip up north was nice too.  We ended up not doing too much in the garage as it was mostly my sister’s stuff that my mom wanted out.  The remaining items were already things my parents had gone through and decided to keep. So I sat around and knit for the most part.  My mom has been collecting fruit trees for me too.  Now that we have our own place I am being given fruit trees to plant and nurture.  I have a Meyer lemon tree, 3 banana plants – one of which is a java banana (ice cream banana), brazilian guava, mexican mango (2), dragon fruit, sugar apples, and cherimoya.  Hopefully they bear fruit and they are yummy.  I planted the trees in pots for right now until I can figure out where I want them to go.  Since the 2 big trees were trimmed we have a lot more sun now and I have more planting options. 

Here’s what I’ve been doing today while the turkey is in the oven. 

I was practice quilting. I have 1 more orphan block to quilt and then on to the quilt tops I’ve finished this past year!

But first, tomorrow is the start of Bonnie Hunter’s mystery quilt and I can’t wait!!!

~Happy quilting!


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