Grassy Creek, Part 2

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I finished all of clue 1 –

Grassy Creek Clue 1 Finished 12/5/2020

It looks almost the same as last week but with the additional sets I needed to call it complete.

I also got a good start on Clue 2 –

Grassy Creek Clue 2 – 12/6/2020 First set complete

And here is where I finished the weekend at:

Grassy Creek Clue 2 12/6/2020 Not complete

I was able to get 1 set fully complete. 2 sets pressed but I still need to trim the dog ears off. a ton of the sets sewn but not pressed, and 3 left that still needed to be sewn.

I feel like the clues are a bit easier this year. A friend told me it might be that we have better tools and better skills which I think is part of it. But I also think the numbers that are being asked are not nearly the quantity that we used to have to do. I’m okay with that. I’m able to keep on track with everyone and that makes me happy.

Happy quilting friends!


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