Sunday Stash Report – Week 8, 2021

Binding is on but not yet finished Staycation 2/21/2021

This is the last weekend I will have to work on this quilt which means I have through tonight to finish binding. I tried hard to get it done for this post so I can get at least add .75 yards to my used portion but alas, it’s not going to happen. After this post, I’ll be going back to the sewing room to finish it up. Luckily this is one where I will be machine binding to the back (from the front) so it should be a quick finish.

label is on… kind of Staycation 2/21/2021

I even have the label on so once the binding is done, all I have to do is finish applique’ing the 3 open sides and it will be done, done, done! Or as one of my guildmates say, Finish is the best word in the dictionary!

Next weekend, my hubby and I and another couple will be heading up to Fresno to check out the Blooming Trail. So I’ll probably schedule a post to go up (hopefully with Staycation as a finish!)

Not much to post but I’m working and making progress on the various projects I’ve got going.

In summary, it’s a zero used and a zero added — and that, my friends, is great numbers indeed. 🙂

Go to more stash reports at QuiltPaintCreate who now hosts the Sunday Stash. I’ll be linking up there this morning.

The fabric stash:  

  • Used since last time: 0yards
  • Used year to date: 9.5 yards
  • Added since last time: 0 yards
  • Added year to Date: 17 yards
  • Net added for 2021: 7.5 yards

For yarn:

I am still working on my knitted top, Water Lily.

Water Lily Back 12/20/2020

I still do not have a more recent picture. I finished knitting the front ride side and I’m now working on the front left side. This is so close to being finished that when I’m working on it I find it hard to stop. Voolenvine had some great yarn in her update this week.

voolenvine’s yarn: Love Song

But I restrained myself from this purchase. As you can see it was very hard for me to do so. So – I get big kudos for saying no to this beautiful yarn.

The yarn stash:

  • Used since last time: 0 skeins
  • Used year to date: 5 skeins
  • Added since last time: 0 skeins
  • Added year to date: 6 skeins
  • Net added for 2021: 1 skeins

~Happy Sunday!

~happy crafting!

~Have a quilty week!


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  2. Such pretty things! I really like the blues in the knitted piece, though the skeins are appealing, too. Next week’s totals should look great with this quilt finished. =)

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