Sunday Stash Report – Week 9, 2021

Staycation Finally – a finish! 2/25/2021

It’s done! I’m so happy as it’s the first finished finished finished quilt I’ve had in over a year. The last one was Celtic Solstice and after a brief search discovered I finished that one in Feb, 2019! So it’s been 2 years since I’ve had a quilted, bound, labeled, and WASHED quilt. Yes, I washed this one as soon as I got the label on. I’ve already counted the front and back fabric used but I haven’t yet counted the binding so I’m letting myself count .75 yards used this week.

This post was prepped a few days ago and scheduled to publish today as the hubby and I are off to explore Fresno’s Blooming Trail. I’ll let you know how it goes. I’m hoping the flowers on the fruit tree are abundantly blooming.

Go to more stash reports at QuiltPaintCreate who now hosts the Sunday Stash. I’ll be linking up there this morning.

The fabric stash:  

  • Used since last time: .75 yards
  • Used year to date: 10.25 yards
  • Added since last time: 0 yards
  • Added year to Date: 17 yards
  • Net added for 2021: 6.75 yards

For yarn:

I am still working on my knitted top, Water Lily.

Water Lily Back 12/20/2020

I still do not have a more recent picture. I finished knitting the front left side and I’m working on knitting the back neck part. I’ve already kitchener stitched the left front and left back together so I’m very very close to a finish. I did a little bit of a try on before I started stitching the front and back together to make sure it all fit right and it did. I’m hoping once I finish getting it all together it still does. One can never tell until it’s all done and blocked. Anyway, this project has been over a year in the making so I’m very excited about this finish. And I am loving how it wears. I’ve not needed to use the extra skein I bought just in caseys so I’ll have plenty to use for a different sweater project.

I can’t call this a finish yet so my numbers remain the same.

The yarn stash:

  • Used since last time: 0 skeins
  • Used year to date: 5 skeins
  • Added since last time: 0 skeins
  • Added year to date: 6 skeins
  • Net added for 2021: 1 skeins

~Happy Sunday!

~happy crafting!

~Have a quilty week!


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