Moo Creamery in Bakersfield, CA

A couple of months ago, the hubby and I and some friends trekked ourselves up to Fresno to check out the Blooming Trail. I’ll talk about that experience another time. But on the way up, we stopped at Moo Creamer in Bakersfieldm CA for lunch.

My friends and I found this spot while on a quilt retreat in 2019 (before all hell broke loose and all our retreats got cancelled) and we’d been dying to go back since.

The food was excellent and it was nice to know that it wasn’t just a fond memory and wonderful quilty weekend that made us feel like it was a great place to eat. It actually was a geat food experience. It was a little uncomfortable because their mask adherence and social distancing standards were not the same as in LA so we were a little uncomfortable. (they had indoor dining). We chose to sit outside in the far corner with about 6′ to the closest person. Thankfully our waiters were somewhat compliant with the mask wearing. Most of the patrons were not wearing masks and I felt like an outsider.

On to the food.

Moo Creamery French Toast

Hubby got French toast with honey butter (extra) and a side of eggs. The French toast was so very good. If we were not in public, the hubby would have done his happy food dance.

Moo Creamery Sticky Toffee Pudding

I got a couple of dessert stuff. I wasn’t hungry for lunch as I had a late heavy breakfast. I’m not so attached to Moo Creamery’s regular food (lunch dinner breakfast) – Don’t get me wrong, it’s good. It’s just not worth the calories, the money, and the room it takes in my tummy. Espeially when I can fill my tummy with desserts. So I got the sticky toffee pudding and the affogato.

was very similar and also very good. it had the same bread used on the french toast with pecans cinimmaon whip cream

Moo Creamery Affogato

affogato was our top choice our first time coming and it was

as good as expected. a definite pleasing sensation.

Moo Creamery Spicy Garlic Fries

spicy garlic fries – was also good but I could have done with out it. i can’t eat spicy so …

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