This cushion class, Tuesday night update

Monday was supposed to be a night at Mindy’s putting together her new-to-her frame and long arm. But after exerting ourselves Saturday to disassemble and then on Sunday at our cushion class, she didn’t have time to get the new home of the long arm cleaned. So we decided to hold off until that was done. Instead I worked real hard on my cushion class..

Becky McDaniel Cushion Class Star of Jasmine step 1 3/14/2021

I got all the blocks done Sunday evening and lost one of the blocks. I found it Monday underneath one of those other blocks. And I was able to finish putting this little top together.

Becky McDaniel Cushion Class Star of Jasmine step 1 3/15/2021

It took all of my sewing time Monday evening to put all these blocks together. I couldn’t believe how long it took. Isn’t that always the case?

Becky McDaniel Cushion Class Flying Geese step 2 3/16/2021

Tuesday evening (tonight), I started on Step 2 – Flying Geese. I was able to get 2 of the 4 geeses sewn down.

Here’s what they will grow up to be:

Becky McDaniel Cushion Class Flying Geese step 2 3/16/2021

You may think I’m speeding through and that I’ll have it all done by the next class. But, once the geese are done, I need to do a pineapple block little top. Then, I’ll need to sandwich all 3 pieces (separately), machine quilt them, then do some decorative hand quilting. So you see why I’m a bit stressed to get this all done. I hope to finish geese tomorrow night. Thursday is knit night so no quilting then. And then Friday night start on the Pineapple block. Depending on how long it takes to do one block, I may just do that one and have background fabric all around it. Or continue to do all 4 pineapple blocks. I don’t know. I’ll need to sandwich everything and do the machine quilting, and decorative hand quilting all next week.

Happy Crafting!


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    • We are putting together the cushion at the next class so I have to have all the pieces ready. I hope it turns out great. So far I’m loving my color and fabric choices so chances are high I will love the final piece. 😬

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