Grassy Creek, Clue 5a

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I am doing a little bit at a time on clue 5. I cannot remember when I started this clue. It must have been before last week but then we were in Fresno so maybe the week before that? I don’t know. I haven’t done much.

Grassy Creek Clue 5 – just getting started 3/16/2021

I made a couple for kicks. Then I settled in on cutting. I know it would be really easy to cut strips and then sew them up until I get these 9-patches but I’m using up scraps. So I have a bunch of purple scraps (all colors really) but I pulled out the purple ones and cut out the bit of square I needed. I tossed a bunch of bits which make me happy. It takes longer to do it this way but I’m all about the process and using up my little scraps so this is how I do it. I’ve finished cutting all my smaller pieces and have pulled out the bigger pieces to use. Soon I’ll be done and will cut neutrals. the pinks have already been cut and set aside.

Clue 4 finished –

Grassy Creek Clue 4 – Finished 2/21/2021

Clue 3 – 12/26/2020

Grassy Creek Clue 3 – finished 12/26/2020

Clue 2 – 12/12/2021

Grassy Creek, Clue 2 Finished December 12, 2020

Clue 1 – 12/5/2020

Grassy Creek Clue 1 Finished 12/5/2020

Happy quilting friends!


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