Sunday Stash Report – Week 20, 2021

Glam Clam Finished Top 1/13/2020

Now that the Orange quilt is finished, next up on the to be quilted list is Glam Clam. I pulled it out of my bag of quilts to be quilted, but I will not be able to touch this again for a couple of weeks. Now that we are all vaccinated, I will be visiting family in Northern California this upcoming weekend.

Even though I finished the Orange Quilt last weekend, I didn’t have time to post my Sunday Stash so I’m adding the 1/2 yard used for the binding. And nothing added. I still have my 40% coupon for my LQS burning a hole in my pocket so I will be using that baby before the end of the month.

Go to more stash reports at QuiltPaintCreate who hosts the Sunday Stash.

The fabric stash:  

  • Used since last time: .5 yards
  • Used year to date: 31 yards
  • Added since last time: 0 yards
  • Added year to Date: 43 yards
  • Net added for 2021: 12 yards

For yarn:

Nothing used, nothing added. 🙂

I am knitting more even though it’s just on my morning socks and on my Weasley sweater. I’m a little more than half way through the front panel of the Weasley sweater. I’ve targeted to do 10 rows per week so that I will have the front panel finished by the end of June.

The yarn stash:

  • Used since last time: 0 skeins
  • Used year to date: 9 skeins
  • Added since last time: 0 skeins
  • Added year to date: 6 skeins
  • Net used for 2021: 3 skeins

~happy crafting!

~Have a quilty week!


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